First Baptist Church of Columbia
Saturday, November 28, 2015
At First, we have a Sunday School class for you!  

Sunday School is the backbone of our church, so it's the best way to get to know our church and to connect with other people. Our Sunday School is designed to help people of all ages connect with God through His Word. Each Sunday you will find a teacher prepared to present the word of God to you in a way that will help you grow. Additionally, you will find true fellowship within these groups. Most of our classes are organized around age and situation in life, but we invite you to visit a class until you find one that fits your needs. The best way to find a class at First Baptist is to visit our welcome center located between Boyce Chapel and the sanctuary. Look for signs on Hampton Street in front of the sanctuary.
Younger Married Couples – Lindsay Building, 3rd Floor
Our young married department meets for coffee, snacks and fellowship at 9:15 AM each Sunday in Lindsay room 301.  From there, the department breaks off into smaller classes.
Forever & Ever – L301
Taught by Mrs. Lynda Estep, wife of pastor Dr. Wendell Estep, and others
Forever & Ever is a 6-week class held three times each year for engaged and newly wed couples.  The class covers pertinent topics for couples including dealing with in-laws, communication, and dealing with finances.  Click to register for the next scheduled Forever & Ever class.
The First Years – L305
Taught by Julie & Craig Houston, Sherri Lydon, and Miriam Beacham
This class is designed for engaged and newlywed couples.  The class runs on an 18-month curriculum with topics and Bible studies on a healthy marriage, intimacy, and a Godly household.
The Porch – L304
Led by Lynda Estep, Jamie Powell, Verne McGough, Brian Craven, & more
Couples in their 20s and 30s.
Growing In Faith – L302 
Taught by Wes Church
Couples in their 20s and 30s.

Adult Department – Lindsay Building, 3rd Floor
Join our adult department for coffee, breakfast snacks, and fellowship in the sitting area on the third floor of the Lindsay Building each Sunday morning at 9:15 AM.
Renaissance – L306
Led by Terri Schumpert
Women’s only class for adults of all ages
Workmen – L317
Led by Randy Spires, David White, and Forest Quick
Men’s only class for adults of all ages
Salt & Light – L314
Taught by Jason Mills
Couples in their 30s and 40s
Couples for Christ – L313
Led by Ellen and Doug Senter
Couples in their 30s and 40s
The Way – L310
Led by Bob Debenport
Adults in their 40s
Servants of Christ – L309
Led by Bryan Barnes, Leahan Doar, and Rick Bearden
Adults in their 40s
Cross Talk – L311
Led by Jim Hartmann
Adults in their 50s
Regenerations – L308
Led by Gary Williamson, Debbie Debenport, and Joel Temples
Adults in their 50s