Behind the Scenes : Children’s Musical Design & Studio Tour

When I go into a new church, restaurant, watch a movie, hear a song, visit Disney World, or come across anything else that interests me, I always wonder how it works. How does that particular church operate? What’s the kitchen like in that restaurant and what’s their flow to get the food out in a timely manner? How was that movie made? How was that song composed and recorded? How does something as big as Disney World operate so smoothly and uniformly? While we don’t have quite as much going on as Disney World (though some days it feels like it!), maybe you’ve wondered what it takes to operate First Baptist Church. Or maybe you just show up on Sunday and never think about it. No matter, I’m going to attempt to share with you some of those things over a series of blogs some of what happens behind the scenes here at First. You’ll mostly get the background of what we’re doing here in the New Media department, but hopefully I can convince some other folks to let us peek behind the curtain as well. A couple of weeks ago, I shared some of our fire safety training where you got to see the staff play with train on fire extinguishers. Now I’m going to show you a little bit of what goes into poster design and give you a tour of the studio. Hang out with me in the video below!


Hi! I’m April. I work on staff here at FIRST designing a bunch of things for print and Web. I believe that world peace can be achieved over a pan of fresh baked biscuits and everyone coming to faith in Jesus. Ok, really it’s just Jesus, but the biscuits help.

First Baptist Church
First Baptist Church