Behind The Scenes : Staff Fire Safety Training

I’ve decided to try to start filming some “Behind The Scenes” videos to show you what happens around here on the non Sunday days. They’re meant to be lighthearted and fun and just another way to bond with you through this wires and waves that we call the Internet. If you like them, I’ll try to keep making them. If you don’t like them and complain a lot, I’ll probably stop. There’s always the comments section in this blog 😉

One of the days that I had been looking forward to since the beginning of the year was Staff Fire Safety Training Day because I was told that I would get to play with fire. (Ok, maybe they didn’t say that exactly, but that’s how I interpreted it.) Chef Richard also brought doughnuts, so I was even happier. We met in the Choir Room where The Columbia Fire Department gave us a little talk on what to do should we encounter a fire as well as ways to prevent fire. Here are a few take aways:

  • Negligence while cooking causes the most fires.
  • Smoking and living don’t mix.
  • Space heaters are another big cause of fires.
  • Don’t plug space heaters into extension cords.
  • Don’t keep the area around your space heater cluttered.
  • If we have a fire here at the church, it will probably be because of a space heater.

My favorite part was the hands on activity in the parking lot where we got to use large fire extinguishers on a real fire. It was quite the bonding experience. Check out this little clip from our training!


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