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Bible Studies seek to build authentic community by bringing us together to encounter Jesus in a personal way through Scripture. Through prayerful reading of the Word and group reflection, we walk together as we learn to love Jesus more fully and live the faith more deeply. The hope is for individuals to first discover the joy of friendship with Jesus and ultimately live into the fullness of discipleship. Groups usually meet for an hour each week and focus on a set of Scriptures while also using an additional book to supplement the study. These tools are designed to point people to the Word of God as a basis for conversation about faith, God’s love and mercy, and the joys and struggles of following Jesus.

Joy in the Morning

Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9:15 – 11:30 am

Joy in the Word

Mondays from 6:30 – 7:30 pm


Leader: Evelyn Cunningham, Esther Dennis, Ruth Wolfe

Room: L301

Study: Joshua, Judges, and Ruth by John MacArthur

Start Date: January 15 (ends April 2)

Length: 12 weeks


These twelve studies examine the biblical events depicted in the books of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth. You will look at the miraculous parting of the Jordan River, continue through some of Israel’s victories and setbacks in the land of Canaan, and conclude with the people settling into the land during the time of the judges.

You’ll also take a look at the lives of some of the Bible’s heroes of the faith and the lives of a few of God’s people who failed at times. Through it all, you will learn some precious truths in this study about the character of God, and you will see His great faithfulness in keeping His promises. In short, you will learn to walk by faith.

Books will be available for purchase in class. Cost is $7


Leader: Teresa Milne

Room: L301

Study: Job: A Story of Unlikely Joy by Lisa Harper

Start Date: January 24 (ends March 7)

Length: 7 weeks


Joy is the constant companion of the woman who trusts in the Lord. And while you can find it in friends, family, and circumstances, unfailing, persistent joy will only ever overflow from your relationship with Jesus. Just ask Job, the man from Uz who clung to God’s goodness while all his worldly joys were stripped away. But how is it possible to hold onto such joy in times of sorrow? In this 7-session study, discover the redemptive facet of Job’s suffering. Learn to view pain as a way to strengthen your faith, point others to the gospel, and trust in the Lord. Because His providence will never take you to a place where His grace will not sustain you.

Please purchase your books at Lifeway.


Leader: Deb McQuilkin (Ass. by Miriam Beacham)

Room: (Meet in Debbie Sims’ home)

Study: The Mind of Christ (T. W. Hunt and Claude King)

Length: 13 weeks

Start Date: January 7 (ends April 3)


The Mind of Christ is an in-depth discipleship study that introduces believers to a lifelong process through which God will renew their minds and their lives to reflect the image of Christ. Based on Philippians 2:5: “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus,” the study shows you how Jesus’ mind worked and how the Holy Spirit can teach you to think as He did.

We will meet each Monday at the home of Debbie Sims from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. The age range of this group is from mid-30s to mid-70s. Women of all ages are welcome.

Books will be available in the church office and in class for $15 each.

Call 315-5959 or for more information.

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Leader: Rev. Richard Humphries

Room: Meets in Ellis C/D

Study: God All Wise by Greg Breazeale

Length: 7 weeks

Start Date: January 16 (ends February 27)

Cost for breakfast: $5


God has ordered His world and His kingdom to work according to wisdom. Therefore, King Solomon rightly asked for wisdom as a gift from God in order to govern the people and to help them shine like a light to the nations. God’s wisdom instructs us how to reflect on the meaning of life and the suffering that we experience. For all his wisdom, Solomon still made foolish choices, and this points to our need for a greater Wisdom – Wisdom – Jesus, the very Word of God made flesh for us.