Deacon Family Care Ministry

Deacon Family Care Ministry is designed to provide support to members of First Baptist Church who have been identified with a need that can be met through this ministry. This support is normally offered to ladies of the church who are age 65-years or older and widowed, divorced or never married. Deacon Family Care Ministry provides Christian friendship, spiritual and emotional support and access to other Deacon services such as the “Helping Hands” program. Also, this ministry sponsors the Family Care Ministry Luncheon held annually in the church social hall. This luncheon is an opportunity to honor the widowed and single ladies and give them a special day!

The Deacon Family Care Ministry is to provide Spiritual Support and Encouragement to the widow ladies of our church. This is accomplished by each lady being assigned to a deacon. Each deacon will be assigned to a Family Care Team. The Family Care Team Leader will serve as an encourager to his team members.

The Family Care Ministry List and Team assignments are available on the Deacon ShareFile Web Site in the Family Care section. The Excel Spread Sheet will have several tabs, one containing a list of all ladies by name. Another tab will contain each lady by assigned deacon and a third tab will contain each lady by deacon and team leader.

The assignment list is maintained by both the Senior Pastor’s Assistant, Tara Freeman, and the Family Care Chairman. The Senior Pastor’s Assistant is responsible for assigning each lady to a deacon. The Chairman of the Family Care Ministry will assign all the deacons to a team.