Church Maintenance Endowment

Continue giving to the church after you’re gone. Church maintenance exceeds $800,000 per year and that is not including maintenance for the YMCA building. Here is the breakdown for 2015:

Maintenance Items
HVAC Repair & Replacement  –  $127,820

Gen Maint. & Supplies  –  $240,430

Utilities  –  $433,750

TOTAL =  $802,000

By giving to this endowment, you free up budget money to go toward ministry purposes. You can give to this endowment by designating a gift to this endowment in your will. See the information below to see how to designate a portion of your will to First Baptist Church.


Remember the past – provide for the future through charitable giving in your will.

What Is A Christian Will?

A Christian will is the will of a Christian that is structured according to the principles of Scripture.

A Christian can’t be a good steward of the resources the Lord has entrusted to him/her unless he/she has a will.

A Christian will recognizes that every financial decision is a spiritual decision.

What Is The Basis Of Giving For A Christian?

Our model for giving is God; who so loved, that He gave. (John 3:16)

Scripture Teaches Us That The Tithe Is The Lord’s

We are accustomed to tithing our income. But Scripture also teaches us that we should tithe the increase of our assets that the Lord has blessed. Deut. 14:22, “Thou shalt truly tithe all the increase of thy seed, that the field bringeth forth year by year.”

We can do this easily by remembering the church in our wills.

To leave the church in your will, please download this codicil, print it, fill it out, have it notarized, and attach it to your will.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call the church office at 803-256-4251.