Episode 4 : Personal Worship

Welcome to the First Community Podcast where we talk about life and faith with our First Baptist Family.

This episode is all about personal worship. How do you maintain a posture of worship in your everyday life? What does that even look like? Ms. Evelyn Cunningham came in to share some of her story with us and to tell us what God is doing in her life right now. She even shares what her personal worship time looks like.

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Had to get a selfie with that awesome Ms. Evelyn!

About the Podcast:

Hosted by April Adams and Caroline Roberts, this podcast aims to bring our church family closer together and expand past our walls by discussing relevant topics about our faith and having guests from our community come on and share their stories. We hope that you’ll get to know the family better and join in on the discussion as well. Got questions or something to add? Comment in the comment section below; we’d love to hear from you!

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