Family Care

Your Family Care and Team assignments are available on the Deacon Web Site in the Family Care section.   Please check the entire listing for your assignments.  Any errors or inaccuracies should be reported to the Family Care Chairman.

If there is a particular Family Care person you would prefer, please contact the deacon to whom she is assigned to see if he would consider swapping.  Please notify the Family Care Chairman of any agreed to changes.

 Each deacon should make a minimum of one personal contact by telephone per quarter.  During this contact, ask if the Family Care Member has any prayer needs, need for assistance from the Helping Hands Committee, or has other needs which could be addressed by the deacons.

Other contacts are encouraged:

  • Send a birthday or holiday card
  • Invite your Family Care Member to the First Family Lunch to join you and your family
  • Participate with the Family Care Member in the annual Family Care Luncheon, if held
  • Home visit – If you make a personal visit to your Family Care Member’s home, you are encouraged to have your spouse or another person accompany you.

 Members of the Family Care Team will follow-up with you periodically to remind you to make the quarterly contacts.  You’ll be asked to report your contacts to your assigned team leader.  The Teams, and their assigned leaders may be found in the Family Care section of the Deacon Web Site.

Roles & Responsibilities

Deacon Family Care is designed to provide support to members of First Baptist Church who have been identified with a need that can be met through the program. This support is normally offered to ladies of the church who are age 65-years or older and widowed, divorced or never married.  Deacon Family Care provides Christian friendship, spiritual and emotional support and access to other Deacon services such as the “Helping Hands” program.

Chairman of Family Care– The Chairman is responsible for the organization, execution and maintenance of the Deacon Family Care Program.  Specific responsibilities include:

  • Overall leadership of the Family Care Program
  • Assigning Family Care Members to a responsible Deacon
  • Maintaining an up-to-date “master list” of Family Care assignments
  • Assembling a group of Deacons at the beginning of each year to act as Family Care Team Leaders
  • Assigning each Deacon who has a Family Care Member to a Family Care Team Leader
  • Coordination with the Senior Pastor’s Assistant who provides administrative support to the Family Care Program
  • Development and coordination of the annual Family Care Luncheon, if held

Family Care Team Leaders– The Team Leaders are to work with those Deacons with assigned Family Care Members who have been placed on their Team.  Specific responsibilities include:

  • Contacting Deacons on their team frequently enough to ensure quarterly contacts are being made
  • Tracking the quarterly contact performance of their team
  • Ensuring that all changes within their team’s assignments have been reported and updated in the “master list”
  • Providing support, advice and counsel to their team members