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In order to have the safest campus possible for all church activities, our security team has been working with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department to develop a security plan. The sheriff’s department believes a security plan is crucial for all churches, businesses and public places. Sheriff Leon Lott is a member of First Baptist, and we appreciate the extensive help we have received and will receive from his team of officers.

Here is some pertinent and helpful information as we implement the suggestions given to us by our sheriff’s department.

  • We have installed enhanced lighting on the Marion Street side of the church. A continuing evaluation of our lighting will take place.
  • We are presently working on upgrades for the security camera system.
  • Evacuation plans are drawn up for an effective and safe evacuation throughout our buildings.
  • Our ushers will be trained in the evacuation plan. We will also recruit group captains to be responsible for various areas of our campus.
  • We will have a fire/evacuation drill one Sunday this spring.
  • We are forming a list of church medical personnel so that we may utilize them in an emergency situation.
  • The RCSD urged us to have better control of building access during the week. We now have a Secure Outside Door System. When someone needs to enter the building during office hours Monday-Friday, they will press a button marked “Press for assistance” at the doors to call the Main Office. The Receptionist will identify the guest and then grant entrance when appropriate.
  • All outside doors have been re-keyed for the new system.
  • NOTE: During regular church services or church events DOORS WILL BE OPEN AND ACCESSIBLE AS NORMAL.
  • Once again it is very important to do our very best to have a safe, inviting, warm and Christ exalting atmosphere as the Holy Spirit moves in hearts and lives!


In the event of a fire alarm activation or discovery of a fire, congregates are instructed to do the following:

A.   Never ignore or assume an alarm is false.

B.   Quickly and calmly move to the closest exit.

C.   Follow directions or instructions from Deacons, Ushers or other church staff personnel.

D.   Do not use the elevators. They will not respond to controls during alarm or fire.

E.   Congregates requiring wheel chairs, walkers, or other similar equipment for assistance while walking should only occupy seating on the main floor for ease of evacuation in the event of an emergency.

F.   Once clear of the building, move away from the building for access by emergency response personnel.

G.   Once outside the building, do not re-enter until the “All Clear” has been given, indicating that it is safe to return.

H.   Children in child care during services or other functions will be evacuated to predetermined designated areas. Parents, do not go to the Children’s Ministry area for your child. Go to one of the two designated muster points and check in with the Team Captain. They will help you locate and sign out your child. This procedure is to insure the protection of both you and your child.

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