Lesson originally delivered on 4/29

  • Romans 12:4-21
    • Collectively, we need to understand the function of the body
    • The Church is a body that works in the world, not simply a place to gather
    • We must work for each other and with each other
      • It sounds right, but we don’t always experience that
      • How do we do this?
        • We Gather together
        • We Care for one another
        • We Work in the world
    • If we have the Holy Spirit we are supposed to use our gifts for the good of the body
      • If you are discipling someone, disciple them with excitement
      • If you are running sound, run it to the best of your ability
      • Find purpose in serving.
  • How can I serve? What is my contribution to the body? How am I helping my community?
  • Look at verses 13-21, there are 12 exhortations. What would it look like if I were to do these in my own life?
Rob Nicholes
Rob Nicholes