God’s Salvation – Part 1

Lesson originally delivered on 2/4

Here are some takeaways from the lesson:

  • Jewish Advantage?
    • The people of the covenant have a great advantage: they have received redemption, provision, law, land, protection, the prophets, discipline and God’s word.
    • Righteousness comes not from background or heritage, but from God’s faithfulness
    • But are the Jews better than the Gentiles?
      • No! Sin affects all
        • Verses 10-18 illustrate what our lives would look like without Christ.
        • No one can be justified by works outside of faith and trust in God.
  • Righteousness comes through faith
    • The words “faith” and “believe” in verse 22 are both the Greek word Pisteo – “living Faith”
    • All people have access to God through faith
    • The debt is paid, so we are made right before God
      • Jesus’ death on the deals with our sins and satisfies God’s wrath
  • No one may boast
    • V. 27- Since we are justified by faith, not works, there’s no room for boasting
      • No one is worthy of God’s grace, yet He offers it freely to all
      • Those who live by faith to receive it.

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Rob Nicholes
Rob Nicholes