God’s Salvation – Part 4

Lesson Originally delivered on 2/25

Here are some takeaways from the lesson:

  • What now?
    • We’ve died to sin, how can we still live in it? Doing so would be hypocritical.
    • We have a personal responsibility for ministry
    • We’ve been baptized into Christ’s death
      • Mark 10:38, Luke 12:50
      • We who have died no longer rejoice in sin – we have a newness of life (V. 4)
        • As we place out faith in Jesus, we die to ourselves
        • We are justified so that we may no longer be enslaved to sin (V. 6-7)
        • His death is what enables us to live differently.
  • What does this look like?
    • Titus 2:14
    • Romans 6:11- Paul’s first exhortation to the Roman Christians comes midway through the sixth chapter. In light of what he’s said in chapters 1-5, we should consider ourselves alive in Christ
    • We are free of the debt we have accrued, but sin may still exist
      • Based upon grace, do not let sin reign in your life (V. 12)
      • We now have the ability to live righteously
    • We are slaves to whom (or what) we obey
      • Obedience leads to righteousness and righteousness leads to sanctification.

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Rob Nicholes
Rob Nicholes