Helping Hands – Clearing the Disaster

When our church organist, Charlton Bozard and his wife Sallie went to take their Sunday afternoon naps a few weeks ago, they didn’t know that it was going to be a near death experience. Sallie was in the bedroom and Charlton was in the den in his recliner. They heard the storm warnings on the televisions, so he walked back to their room to joke, “Maybe we should take naps in the bathtub.” Within five minutes of returning to his chair, the rain came in.

“Not rain start and get harder and harder and harder, but a solid wall of water,” Charlton recalls. “I hollered, ‘Here it comes!’ and then I saw green go down outside the back door.” He called Sallie to come look out the back door, to which Sallie replied. “Forget the yard, come look out the bedroom window!” Their neighbor’s tree had fallen and hit a tree on the corner of their yard. Then both of those trees fell on a huge oak tree in their yard, creating an entanglement of three large trees.

“The miracle of this is […] had that fallen two feet in the other direction, I would probably be planning a funeral. It missed our house by probably about two feet. We just see God’s hand right there on the corner of our house.”

Though thankful that the trees missed their house and spared them harm, Charlton and Sallie had a mess on their hands. There were two stories of tree piled up in their back yard. Enter Helping Hands, a ministry of the deacons here at First Baptist. Gary Gregor and his team of chainsaw wielding men showed up at Charlton and Sallie’s door on Saturday morning at 8:00 and worked tirelessly throughout the day to get the disaster trimmed down.

“I was just amazed at how fast they worked and how much they were able to get done and cut out. It was just a real blessing to us.”





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