First Baptist Church of Columbia
Wednesday, September 02, 2015
A high value of Student Ministries is to develop student leaders.  Our student leaders are called “CAMPUS Missionaries.” Being a part of our CAMPUS Missionary program is an opportunity for students to grow as leaders, to take ownership of the ministry, to be an example / mentor to younger students, and to receive the resources and support they need to make a difference on their school campus.  Campus Missionaries meet every other month for a time of training, accountability, planning, and encouragement.
Campus Missionary Lunch Meetings:
September 20, 2015
October 18, 2015
Students who successfully meet the CAMPUS missionary requirements are eligible to attend Student Leadership University.

Student Leadership University (SLU) is the premier student leadership training program in the world and is a valuable partner with First Student Ministries. SLU’s 4-year program is a significant component of our plan to equip, motivate, enable and empower students for present and future leadership in their schools, churches, teams, families and workplaces. We believe this training gives students an enormous advantage in accelerating their leadership decisions.
Modeled after Fortune 500 corporate leadership seminars, each student is exposed to comprehensive programs focused on leadership skills. These skills include time and life management, goal setting, dealing with conflict and difficult people, and developing a Christian world view.
SLU’s programs are based on the belief that the greatest catalyst for personal development occurs through the people you meet, the places you go, the information you obtain, and the applied use of that knowledge. SLU combines in-depth classroom lectures with accelerated learning, interactive workshops and in-the-field experiences.

SLU spans the globe with four comprehensive programs:
SLU 101: Orlando, FL
SLU 201: Washington DC
SLU 301: London, Oxford, Paris, and Normandy
SLU 401: Jordan and Israel

For more information on SLU, visit
For more information on our CAMPUS Missionary program, please contact Brittany Odom at 343-8545.