First Baptist Church of Columbia
Saturday, September 05, 2015
Because of our need for fellowship and intimate relationships with other Christians, we have divided our Student Ministry into small groups by grade and gender.  Small groups are designed to implement the in-depth teaching of our Grounded for Life Discipleship Plan.  Small groups are a great way to connect with others, talk about God’s Word, have fun, and learn truth to be well equipped for living life well.  High School Small groups meet on Sunday night from 5:30 – 7:00.  (HS Senior Small Group meets from 5:30 - 7:30.)
4:45 - 5:30p High School Choir - led by Steve Phillips, Minister of Music - Choir Room
9th Grade Small Group:
Know Who You Really Are (2 weeks)-a study on identity in the book of 1 Samuel.

Why I Believe What I Do (5 weeks)-students go through the book How to Study the Bible and explore its eternal relevance in their lives.

Romans (6 weeks)-an in depth study on Paul’s letter to the church in Rome.

10th Grade Small Group:
Understanding World Religions (4 weeks)-students explore other religions and discuss important differences to the Christian faith.

Apologetics (5 weeks)-this comprehensive and highly discussion-drive apologetics study gives students a chance to ask hard questions about our faith and get meaningful answers that are strongly backed by scripture.

James (4 weeks)-a study on faith grounded in the book of James.

11th Grade Small Group:
The Justice Mission (4 weeks)-this study, using curriculum from the International Justice Mission, speaks to oppression, how God fits into a world fraught with injustice, and what high school students can do about the problem of injustice.

The God Conversation (4 weeks)-an apologetics study that equips students with the ability to defend their faith while being able to answer big, difficult questions from others.

1 & 2 Timothy (4 weeks)-a study of Paul’s letters to Timothy.
12th Grade:
5:30-7:30 at the BCM
The Plan-semester long study that gives seniors preparation from very wise leaders on how to carry their faith confidently in college. This study covers issues such as friendships, dating, spiritual disciplines, etc.