First Family Thanksgiving

First Family Thanksgiving

Giving Thanks and sharing food, puts the family in a good mood!

Did you know that we’re thankful for you and your family? That’s why we’re inviting you to join us for the First Family Thanksgiving meal. Not only will we be feasting, but also listening to some great music from our children’s and senior adult choirs. Other music groups, such as Handbells, will be featured too.

Come join us around the table of thanksgiving and share a fun evening with us.

Nov. 20

Ellis Hall – 6 pm

$5 Adults
$2 Kids
Free Kids (0-2)
$16 Family Plan
Pay at the door


Fried Chicken
Macaroni & Cheese
Green Beans
Homemade desserts

First Family Lunch

First Family Lunch

First Family Lunch

Sunday, December 2
Ellis Hall – ll:45am

Cost: $8 for adults; $4 for children ages 3-10 years

FREE for children under 3.  Debit/credit cards accepted. 

You can make a reservation below


Oven Roasted Chicken
Meatloaf w/ Mushroom Gravy
Red Smashed Potatoes
Fried Green Beans
Glazed Carrots
Salad Bar
Assorted Desserts

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Feed the Hungry Thanksgiving

Feed the Hungry Thanksgiving

For 29 years St. Peter’s Catholic Church and First Baptist Church of Columbia have been partnering to bring the holidays to the homeless and working poor of the Midlands. It takes dedicated volunteers, months of planning, and lots of well timed logistics to pull this day off. About 450 meals are served at the Coliseum, and there are even more To Go meals prepared and delivered to Nursing Homes and Homebound Communities across the city. That’s a lot of turkey, so preparation starts early; sometimes weeks in advance. Most of the cooking happens early the morning of with commercial kitchens preparing green beans, sweet potatoes, dressing, and gravy. Homemade desserts are donated ahead of time and refrigerated until serving time. The meal is entirely run by local volunteers that help on the serving line, meal prep, delivery, and setting up. There’s even a group that comes to sing and play music for the guests as they eat. Rest assured, no one goes hungry on Thanksgiving and everyone can relax at the table with a smile. It’s the biggest Thanksgiving celebration in Columbia so we hope that you’ll join us for the fun. See how you can help support this event below.

Share Your Holiday – Food Drive

Share Your Holiday – Food Drive


November 29
First Baptist Church
6:00 am – 5:30 pm

Be a part of one of the biggest and most enjoyable food drives of the year! Come out and help us with our mission to feed struggling families during the holiday season by donating cash or canned goods. It’s just that simple.

The event will be held at First Baptist Church, in their parking lot, on the corner of Sumter and Washington Street. You’ll have the ability to donate from your car as you drive under the big blue awning on Washington. There will also be a food truck rodeo in the Sumter Street parking lot, so plan to come by and visit during lunch!

8 AM
The DRIP Coffee Truck
For coffee & espresso drinks

11AM – 2 PM
Plenty of tables & chairs will be set up for lunch.  Invite your friends and coworkers to join you.
A portion of all food truck sales will go directly to Harvest Hope Food Bank
Casey’s Big Dawg BBQ Food Truck
The Belgium Waffle Food Truck
Pawley’s Front Porch Food Truck
Exclusive Berries & Treats

Share Your Holiday Food Drive

Share Your Holiday is a public service campaign and outreach effort by WACH FOX, along with our other media partners, to benefit the Harvest Hope Food Bank in the Midlands and Florence to aid in their fight against hunger. The Share Your Holiday Food Drive for Harvest Hope Food Bank began in 1998 and is now the state’s largest annual food drive. The goal of the campaign is to fill the food bank warehouses for the holidays and for the cold months ahead to benefit underprivileged families and individuals.  First Baptist Columbia serves at one of the two main drop off locations for this drive!  We would love for you to volunteer and join us at the drive. For more information please see their website https://www.harvesthope.org/

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Great Gratitude

Great Gratitude

We need to learn the secret of having an attitude filled with gratitude.  We live in a day when people are not content with what they are and what they have.  The most common words used by some people are, “If only.”  They sit around and say, “if only I was thinner, if only I was richer, if only the kids would come, if only the kids would go.”  They live in the world of, “if only.”  In Philippians 4:6 the Apostle Paul says that we need to pray with thanksgiving.  Many times our prayers go like this, “Lord please give me, Lord please help me and Lord please show me.”  There are two words that should be added to those prayers.  They are the words, “with Thanksgiving.”  The issue with so many American Christians is that they are not content.  The Apostle Paul speaks of contentment in Philippians 4:11-13, “Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am.  I know how to get along with humble means, and I also know how to live in prosperity; in any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need.  I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”  Paul states that he has learned the secret.  He doesn’t say he learned the principle or truth.  Living in gratitude is a secret to most Christians.  Let me make a list of what you should be grateful for.   

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2018 Fall Retreat Sessions

2018 Fall Retreat Sessions

The theme of the Retreat was Abiding with God. Through the sessions, praise and worship, community time and individual devotions, we sought to answer the question, What does God want out of His relationship with us? The answer is intimacy. We spent our time fleshing out what intimacy with God looks like, what it means to find our home in Him and how this affects our relationship with the body of Christ. We are most ourselves, and most available to others for God’s purposes when we learn how to abide with Him.

Session 1: Intimacy: the Nature of Our Relationship with Christ

Session 2: What Does it Mean to Abide?

Session 3: My Responsibility in Abiding

Session 4: How Intimacy Equals Community

Coming Down From the Mountain

Coming Down From the Mountain

Exodus 34:29 It came about when Moses was coming down from Mount Sinai, that Moses did not know that the skin of his face shone because of his [God’s] speaking with Him.

When we have been on the Mountain with God coming down from the mountain is a challenge for both us and those we come in contact with at the bottom.

It is a challenge for us because our hearts have been changed. We have been with God. We have seen Him as He is, we have come to understand Him in new ways and evaluated our lives accordingly.  We have also encountered new truth, been given space to be moved by the spirit and have come to new resolutions. In short, our faith has been renewed and we have repented of the frivolous things in our lives. These moments are powerful as all encounters with God should be.
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Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child

Are you ready for an exciting season of Operation Christmas Child? We certainly hope so! This is a church wide missions project and we need all hands on “decking the halls.”

This year our goal is to collect over 1000 shoeboxes! To accomplish this we need a full scale effort with everybody participating. We need buyers, we need packers, we need prayers, we need givers, but most importantly we need YOU! So come and join the fun. Be a part of the greatest operation leading up to Christmas.

Volunteer for the Christmas Pageant

Volunteer for the Christmas Pageant

We’re looking for volunteers!

The Columbia Christmas Pageant takes an entire village of people to pull off. What you see on the stage is only a small part of it too. It takes people managing costumes and props, loading in the stage, loading out after the production, audio, video, lights, etc. There’s something for everyone (sounds like the body of Christ) to do to make this gift to our community come together. There are specific times to volunteer and there are flexible times. Please click the button below to view opportunities and to sign up.