This time of year is special for a group of students…SENIORS! On May 1st, we will honor our graduates just as we do every year. It is always a good day – a day to celebrate the accomplishment of graduating high school and a day to look forward to what’s next (by the way this is the first time we should celebrate graduating – when and why did we start playing Pomp and Circumstance and high fiving our kids because they graduated preschool?!).


Wes Church recommended John Ortberg’s All the Places to Go – How Will You Know? as a great book, especially for graduating seniors. Ortberg discusses the doors each of us face in life and how to proceed carefully through cracked doors and doors that appear wide open. He writes, “An open door is the great adventure of life because it means the possibility of being useful to God.”


Isn’t that a great way of looking at life?! What does today hold? How can I use this day to be useful to God?


This isn’t just a challenge to graduating seniors, it is a challenge to us all – How do you look at each day? Is it another day for the mundane or is it an opportunity to choose adventure. Our outlook on each day is a choice, isn’t it? I have never understood why some people dread Mondays. You’ve seen the social media posts and the memes… “It’s Monday” (insert grumpy cat face)… “Happy Friday, Wait it’s Monday” (insert Steve Harvey face) Or one of my favorites… “Oh, you hate Mondays – I’ve never heard of that feeling before, go on.” (Insert Willy Wonka)


Of course your Monday is going to stink! You already let everyone know it’s going to stink and you gave up late Sunday night!


Each day is another door, even Mondays. It’s a new week – what’s out there? Ortberg writes, “An open door does not offer a complete view of the future. An open door means opportunity, mystery, possibility – but not a guarantee…It’s an open door. To find out what’s on the other side, you’ll have to go through.” It’s an opportunity to be used by God. Who knows what that could entail this week?


Perhaps it’s a co-worker who needs to see you embrace Monday because God is in it!

Maybe this is the week you have that spiritual conversation with your neighbor.

Could this week be the week that begins the turn-around in your marriage?

Maybe this is the week you get serious about your relationship with God.


My point? Who knows what today has for you…or even tomorrow?!


God knows! Be encouraged by this passage:


From heaven the Lord looks down
and sees all mankind;
 from his dwelling place he watches
all who live on earth—

 he who forms the hearts of all,
who considers everything they do.

  • Psalm 33:13-15


God knows! Have faith – walk through this door called Monday. In faith, walk expectantly, anxiously waiting for what God has in store for you today!


Then…do it again tomorrow!


Student Minister

Rev. Philip Turner

Student Minister

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