Online Giving

ATTENTION: First Baptist Church will be switching it’s online giving services from Secure Give to Pushpay in an effort to offer you a better and more efficient way to give online. Currently we are in the transition phase of this switch, which allows you to access giving on both platforms. You will still be able to use Secure Give from now until the end of April, but we would encourage you to go ahead and make the switch now to Pushpay.

First, if you have recurring giving with Secure Give then you need to access your account and deactivate that feature. Next, create a new account through Pushpay by clicking on the link below. After creating your account Pushpay will send a verification code to your phone. Use that code to finalize your account and then choose to download the Pushpay app if you wish.

If you have any questions regarding this transition, or you need any assistance in setting up recurring payments, please call 803-636-7263 Thank you

General Budget

(for Tithe and other General Items)

Building Fund

(donate to Project NEXT)

Designated Fund

(designate your money to a specific area)

We are ending our services with Secure Give. Please deactivate your account and end any recurring giving. Login below to complete this process. Thank you!

(Click below for SecureGive)