Dreaming of Summer

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We’re dreaming of summer, and no, it’s not too early. With Columbia opting out of winter and spring sneaking into the spotlight we’re anticipating summer to be ahead of schedule. It’s not going to take us by surprise because our dreams of summer are going to come alive.

Summer can be an anxious time for both parents and children. Kids are desperate to get out of school and parents are desperate to not spend a fortune on nannies and babysitters. Then there’s the boredom factor to consider. How are your kids going to spend their summer days? Sure, there’s netflix and x-box and lots of facebook games… and the potential for your kids to turn into zombies. Three months of moaning, tired, unenergetic children can’t be that bad right?

Here at First, we believe that everyday of summer is an opportunity to live out your dreams. That’s why we’re offering summer camps and programs focusing on music, athletics, arts, and more. Check out our camps below to see what could be a good fit for you and your family. Before you know it you’ll start dreaming of summer too.

Worship Arts Camp

Dates, Ages, Cost

Dates: June 12-16

Times: 9:00 am – 12:00 Noon everyday

Ages: Rising 4K – 5th Grade

Cost: (Includes 5 day camp and t-shirt)

$55/child for 1st – 5th Grade

$30/child for 4K-5K

For more information about Worship Arts Camp please call 803-343-8550 or email

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Registration is CLOSED


Ever thought about trying the ukulele or chimes? Have you ever wanted to learn sign language? Perhaps percussion is something you’ve always been curious about. If those don’t spark your interest why not dabble in drama or dance?

Worship Arts Camp is the perfect opportunity to try something new and learn how to worship through the arts. For five fun days you’ll get to focus on a musical instrument and another art of your choice, learning in a small group environment from teachers who love and practice their craft year round. On the final day you will get to perform with your peers in a big concert celebrating and worshipping through all the various art forms.

Preschoolers have their own track where they get to experience a variety of musical instruments and art forms.

It’s time to start dreaming about the arts this summer. Registration is open! See you this summer!

Athletic Camps

Summertime means playing hard and having the most fun while doing it. It means running, throwing, kicking, sliding, swinging, jumping, passing, sprinting, shooting, and of course, scoring.

It means playing the same game everyday, practicing the same skills everyday, because you want to be better. It means battling it out on a hot day when your friends are at the pool because who needs water when you’ve got Gatorade? It means working hard to achieve your goals because your love for the sport is unmatched and you don’t want to be anywhere else except on the field, on the court, and in the game.

This summer dream like a superstar and sign up for one of our Sports Camps. For four days you’ll be coached by professionals who care about your success and will work with you to achieve your goals. Whether you’re trying a sport for the first time or working on developing your skill set our Athletic Camps are a perfect way to get the most out of your summer. Don’t wait to sign up. See you this summer!


Upward Basketball™ 

Dates: June 26-29

Days/Times: M – Th, 9 AM – 12noon

Ages: Rising 1st – 3rd graders

Cost: $70/player (includes camp T-shirt, individual awards, and end-of-camp award)


Learn the fundamentals or get that edge on the next season. Learn more about shooting, dribbling, passing as well as offensive and defensive plays. Bring a snack or money for a snack.

Registration deadline: June 18, 2017 (Several discounts available online. Camp packets will not be available first day of camp if register after deadline)



Dates: July 10-13

Days/Times: M – Th, 9 AM – 12noon

Ages: Rising 2nd – 5th graders

Cost: $60/player

Registration Deadline: June 29


Your spring season may be over, but hone your skills for fall ball! Every aspect will be covered from hitting, pitching and fielding. Bring your glove and helmet, but all other equipment is provided. If you have a preferred bat, bring the bat with you.

Campers will meet at Howard Park (behind Northside Middle School at 200 Cougar Dr, West Columbia) for camp.

Minimum of 12 players per division pre-registered for camp to be held. Registration deadline: June 29, 2017 (Price increases to $70/player after deadline and no T-shirt will be provided.)

Register & Pay

Click Here to Register for Baseball Camp

Minimum of 12 players per division pre-registered for camp to be held. Registration deadline: June 29, 2017 (Price increases to $70/player after deadline and no T-shirt will be provided.)



Dates: July 24-27

Days/Times: M – Th, 9 AM – 12noon

Ages: Rising 4th – 8th graders

Cost: $60/player

Registration deadline: July 16


Learn how to pass, receive, block, and more. Campers will meet at Owens Field (behind Memorial Stadium off Rosewood) each day for camp.

Camp has a registration minimum to be held. Registration deadline: July 16, 2017 (Price increases to $70/player after deadline and no T-shirt will be provided.)

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Click Here to Register for Football Camp

Registration deadline: July 16, 2017 (Price increases to $70/player after deadline and no T-shirt will be provided.)


Soccer Shots® 

Dates: July 24-27

Days/Times: M – Th, 9 AM – 12noon

Ages: 3 – 8 years old (children will be placed in age appropriate groups)

Cost: $90/child (includes t-shirt and individual prize)


The heat is on, but our soccer camp will be cool – indoors at the EFLC Gym! Camp will consist of instruction in the basics/fundamentals of soccer for beginners as well as advanced passing/shooting/dribbling drills for more experienced players. All this is taught through the SOCCER SHOTS® fun and creative method of teaching. Each day will consist of age appropriate skill development, snack time, age appropriate crafts and scrimmaging. Children must be potty trained to attend camp!

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Registration is FULL

Check out our other Athletic Camps

Art Camp

Manners Camp


It’s Elemental – Art Camp for Grade School

Dates: June 26-29

Days/Times: M – Th, 9 AM – 12noon

Ages: Rising 1st – 5th graders

Cost: $100/child (includes the cost of art supplies)

Registration deadline: June 18, 2017


In this camp we’ll focus on the 7 elements of art: color, line, texture, shape, value, space and form. Students will study the work of Matisse, Monet, and Van Gogh to name a few. Artists will create a project each day.

Participants will need a smock or apron, a snack & drink, and an open mind! All supplies are included. Plan to attend the Art Show of all that was made at 11:30 AM on the last day of camp (Thursday)!

Minimum of 10 campers pre-registered for camp to be held.


Manners Camp – FULL!

Both Preschool and Gradeschool Manners camps are full – please call 803.343.8587 to be put on a waiting list.

Dates: June 19-21

Days/Times: M – W, 9 AM – 12noon (3 years – Rising 1st Grade)

M – W, 1 PM – 4:00 PM (Rising 2nd – 5th Grade)

Ages: 3 years – 5th Grade

Cost: $60/child

Registration Deadline: June 11


We are offering 2 sessions of camp to accommodate more age groups for our manners camp. Come be a part of the Manners Club! We will be learning about The Golden Rule, R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Speaking Skills, Table Manners and much, much more.

The kids will come home reminding YOU to keep your elbow off of the table. And just wait until they learn the Interrupting Rule – I promise you will thank us! We will have a fabulous time singing with Judy the Manners Lady, playing games, making crafts and learning proper table skills.

Each camp has a registration minimum of 15 to be held.

Registration deadline: June 11, 2017 (Price increases to $70/child after deadline.)

Register & Pay

Please make sure you Register for the appropriate age group.

Preschool Manners Camp FULL

Grade school Manners Camp FULL