Summer Intentionality

Summer is here! For some (students), it comes with a sigh of relief…classes are over, time to relax a little bit for 10 weeks before going back to the grind. For others (parents), it comes with a little bit of stress…kids are home, have to figure out what to do with them for 10 weeks to keep them out of trouble! For me, it is a little of both – Summer is our busiest time here in the Student Ministry…RoadRules, Israel, Washington, DC , and family vacation– it will all be a blur come August.


Summer is a time of transition; it’s a time where structure sometimes falls by the wayside. Let me encourage you to fight against the urge to let things go because it’s summer.

Here are a few ways I think you can maintain that structure without it seeming too rigid:


Time with God:

Make sure you aren’t chalking summer up as a spiritual loss before it actually gets started. Take advantage of time you may not have had during the school year. Parents, look for unique opportunities for family devotions throughout the week. It could be a conversation at the pool or beach – maybe while you are grilling out or sitting on your back porch. Students, take advantage or your mornings (or afternoons) when you wake up. The stress of getting to school on time is gone – Use the summer to form healthy habits in your time with God.


Time with Others:

Look for opportunities that God may be giving you at the pool or the beach or the neighborhood cookout to invest in other people around you. Get outside! Get to know your neighbors. Make it a goal this summer to serve the neighbor to your left and right in a way that maybe you couldn’t do any other time of year.


Time in Worship:

Don’t forget about church! Vacations are awesome! Lake weekends are fantastic! But, don’t let those experiences overshadow the awesome experience of worshipping with fellow believers on Sunday! Even if you are away and can’t make it back to FBC or your home church – look for churches around where you are vacationing and join them in worship!


I hope this summer is one of the best summers yet for you and your family! Be spontaneous, be wise, and have fun!



Student Minister

Rev. Philip Turner

Student Minister


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