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Blaze Pizza -275 Park Terrace Dr Columbia, SC 

Ok, so Blaze Pizza is a chain, but it’s a chain that I’ve decided that I really like. The “make your pizza in front of you” restaurants are popping up all over the place, just like frozen yogurt stores were a few years ago, so it can be difficult to know which one has the best taste for your buck. Before going to see a movie with some friends from the First Young Professionals group, we decided to grab dinner. I had had a tumultuous few days and played no part in the decision making, but pizza sounded as good as anything. 

The thing that I liked about Blaze before even tasting their pizza was that no matter how many toppings that you get, the pizzas are the same price. If you order a regular sized pizza, you’re going to pay $7.95 (at least that’s what it was when I went). You can choose one of their specialty pizzas or build your own. You can choose different sauces and different finishes. If you’re counting calories, the menu lists out how many calories each item is. That can be viewed as positive or negative.

Hunter’s pizza of who knows what. If you see him, ask him if he’d like some pizza to go with that ranch sauce.

The service is also rather fast. Your pizza only takes a couple of minutes to cook once it hits the super hot brick oven. Then they take it out, put any finishes on it that you’ve requested, slice it up, and call you over to get it. The night that we went, the restaurant was busy, so some of the pizzas were sliced a bit disproportionately, particularly Caroline’s.

Caroline’s weirdly sliced pizza puzzle.

It was ok though. It didn’t effect the taste. She ate it. We laughed at her trying to eat the really large pieces. Life’s good.

My pizza, the best pizza.

I chose the White Top signature pie and added sauteéd onions and a pesto finish. It was just enough green and just enough bacon and cheese to make me feel good on all fronts. Even though I went through a ton of napkins and oil slid down my hand during most of my meal, I appreciated the pesto finish.

More pizza, more dudes.


If you want to drown your pizza in ranch, you can here.


Nothing says, “happiness” more than a warm slice of pizza in hand.


Pretty sure that Kayla and Brittany split a salad pizza.


Blaze Pizza is Hunter approved.

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