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Good Life Cafe – 1614 Main St, Columbia, SC

As I mentioned it the last SLB, a conference brought a good friend of mine from college into town. I was fortunate enough to be able to grab an early lunch with her (before going to second lunch at DaufusKEYS with Philip and Scott). Lauren wrote a postcard inviting me to BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministry) the summer before I started my freshman year at USC. We went on to live across the hall from each other in Columbia Hall and eventually in a crummy, but fun for college students, apartment with another good friend of ours. We all live in different places now, but try our best to keep up with each other.

When we met up, I threw out a couple of suggestions, but Lauren said, “I don’t know if I ever told you, but I’ve been a vegetarian for about four years now,” (Maybe I knew that, maybe I didn’t; the older I get the less I seem to know.) so she wanted to try the Good Life Cafe, Columbia’s vegan and raw foods restaurant. I’ve been there several times and even have a favorite dish, so I was down. I ordered my go-to dish, the grilled portobello wrap (one of the few cooked dishes) with a side of fruit. Lauren ordered the spring rolls and a side of mushrooms.

My go-to. Grilled Portobello Wrap with fruit.

As I type this, it is nearing lunch time and I’m starting to salivate over that grilled portobello wrap. Vegan food seems to have a polarizing effect on people. They either love and swear by it, or they hate it and make fun of it. I fall in the middle. If I can get the right thing, such as this wrap or the vegan tacos at Good Life, I really enjoy it. There have been a few other things of which I haven’t been as much of a fan. In the past I’ve struggled with their “bread” since it was a bit harder than bread that I’m used to.

Pretty Spread!

It is also the type of meal that will fill you up initially, but then an hour or two later, you get hungry again. Kind of like eating sushi. Sushi does the same thing to me. Otherwise, I’ve enjoyed dishes at Good Life. If I want to eat something good, but also feel healthfully superior and righteous, I go there. Or if I’m really trying to cut back, but am getting tired of the usual. And I believe I’ve even spotted NBA legend Alex English in there a time or two.

Food brings us together. Friendship *cough15cough* years in the making.




Since we’re talking about friendship, it made me think of a Bible verse and a song. Though it is often used in weddings, Ecclesiastes 4:12 says, “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” The second part of Ecclesiastes talks about the need for others on a practical basis. The return on labor is better with two people (Ecc 4:9). If you fall down with someone else around, you have someone to help you up (Ecc 4:10). This passage is why one of my favorite Christian artists from the 90s and early 2000s, Rebecca St. James penned the song I’ll Carry You. Sure, it might be a little cheesy, but it takes me back to “the day” and the lyrics carry some weight.

I can’t walk this road without you
You cannot go it alone
We were never meant to make it on our own
When the load becomes too heavy
And your feet too tired to walk
I will carry you and we’ll be carried on

As much as we like to think that we can manage things on our own, we can’t. We weren’t designed to. Even if you are fiercely independent, you’re going to need the help of another at some point. And let’s face it, though it might make life a little messier having others involved, it also makes life better and purposeful. I’m very grateful for my family, friends, and church family who have come alongside to live life with me in the good times and the bad, and ultimately I’m grateful for God who carries us all when we can’t carry ourselves, who also walks alongside us, making our cord threefold, one that cannot be broken.

I encourage you to build and strengthen your community. Carry others when they face burdens, but allow yourself to be carried as well. And if you want to party like you’re in a youth group in 1999, listen to the song 😉

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