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*Disclaimer: First Baptist Church is not affiliated with, nor does it necessarily endorse any of the restaurants that are discussed in these posts. These are just the personal opinions of the blog writer and are meant only for information and fun.


A few years ago when I worked in international ministry, I attended a Chinese event where Michelle Wang, owner of M Vista and six additional restaurants, gave her testimony … in Mandarin. Fortunately, I had a friend translate for me the entire time. I remember being very impressed by her story.

When I received the opportunity to put together this blog for First Baptist, visiting one of Michelle’s restaurants was a no brainer. I knew with her that I wanted to dive a little deeper, not only into her food philosophies, but into her journey to becoming a Believer in Jesus. When I messaged Michelle about getting together to talk food and Jesus, she was out of the country, but excited to get together. Just two days after her return, we were in M Vista (chosen because of its proximity to the church) making this segment of Sunday Lunch Blog. More than sharing about her restaurant though, Michelle was excited to share about her faith. When the cameras were off, Michelle told me that she really wants to encourage people and share Jesus with them.

This Sunday Lunch Blog will not only have some food pictures with it, but some videos as well. We hope you enjoy!


M Vista – 701 Lady Street, Columbia

One of the things that I’ve appreciated about M Vista or any of the Miyo’s restaurants is the clean feeling that I get while eating. The food is fresh and made to order. I know from personal experience that if I’ve needed a dish altered because of dietary restrictions, they’ve been able to do it, even with the sauce.

On this particular trip, I took Michelle’s suggestion and ordered the Kung Pao Chicken. I normally steer clear of this dish because of the red peppers, but took a chance this time. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this dish was not too spicy. It had a little bit of kick to it, but it was an enjoyable kick, not a lethal one. Even though I was very hungry by the time we ordered, I still only managed to eat about half of the meal (yay leftovers!), so I would say that the $7.95 lunch portions are very generous. Let me add that it still tasted good the next day.

My friend/coworker/camera crew, Lauren ordered the Sweet and Sour Chicken. While we did not discuss her dish in depth, her clean plate at the end of the meal indicated that she enjoyed it. My other friend/coworker/camera crew, Aaron ordered a couple of pieces of salmon sushi as a snack since he had a lunch meeting earlier that day. He reported that his sushi left him feeling healthy.

While I didn’t order it on this visit, I also want to suggest one of my favorites, the Moo Shu Chicken. Don’t be afraid when the menu states that it is served with pancakes. These pancakes are more similar to tortilla shells, so Moo Shu Chicken is essentially a “make your own Chinese burrito” sort of dish.

If you’re looking for a place to break up your Sunday lunch monotony, give M Vista a go!

Meet Michelle and hear about some of her favorite foods on the menu in the video below.


Be inspired and encouraged by Michelle’s testimony below.

*Bonus* Michelle offers advice to those who are struggling with their faith.

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