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As a single adult, finding good community can be a bit of a challenge. Many activities in our culture center around young families, and one can often feel like a fish out of water when one is not a part of such a family.  Fortunately, here at FIRST, we have a Sunday School class called the Young Professionals. It is a group of young and youngish single adults along with some of our “young family” friends (because we like to integrate too!). Even though we have this lovely community set in place by the church, it is still challenging for us to all get together at one time. Not only are we involved with our Sunday School class, but most of us are involved with various other ministries within the church, which means that not all of us are actually in the Young Professionals Sunday School class during the Sunday School hour each Sunday. Then throw in work schedules and getting together can be like trying to fit a camel through the eye of a needle.

Young Professionals
These are some Young Professionals, in case you were wondering.

This summer, while things have been more low key, we’ve had the opportunity to use Sunday lunch time to build our community and get to know new friends. Last week when original plans to go to Midwood Smokehouse fell through, I thought that I might just go home and lay around since I was tired. However, upon stopping to chat with friends after the service, I was peer pressured to come along with them and try the new Public House on Main just a few blocks from the church. The allure of fun people and a new food experience was too much for me to resist, so I found myself happily jaunting down Main Street for lunch. Since this was a last minute decision, please excuse the photo quality.

Main Street Public House – 1556 Main St, Columbia

Upon being seated, we discovered that this place serves brunch on Sundays. Since brunch might just be my favorite meal, I was pretty pleased. The two items that I agonized over were the smoked brisket and the red velvet pancakes. I wanted both, to be honest. Since I previously had brisket on my mind and because I can make red velvet pancakes at home faster than I can smoke a brisket, I went with the brisket.

Since this restaurant had only been operating for a couple of days, they were understandably still working out a few kinks. The smoked brisket on the brunch menu was originally supposed to be an omelette, but came out in sandwich form, sans the eggs. Since we had multiple waiters, I heard from one that it might be a sandwich, so I wasn’t surprised and actually preferred a sandwich over an omelette anyway. Speaking of wait staff, they were very friendly and attentive, so whatever little hiccups and miscommunication happened were easily excusable.

Kara and Brittany ordered the Honey Sriracha Chicken, which was the most impressive looking of the menu items.


Scott ordered the scones, which were served on a wood slab. Food on a wood slab is always more fun.


As I mentioned in last week’s post about Tazza Kitchen, I really enjoy décor that utilizes light bulbs. This place not only utilizes light bulbs, but also saw blades.

Walking distance from the church, large dining space, and tasty brunch are good reasons to check out this new restaurant


I love the little moments … meaning those seemingly insignificant moments with family or friends or God, those times that seem quite ordinary and mundane, but over the years become quite significant because they make up our lives. One scene in the Bible that has always struck me is the Last Supper when Jesus is talking about the one who will betray Him. While Jesus realized the weight of the moment and we as readers, having the advantage of knowing what comes next, realize the weight of this moment, I’ve always felt that the disciples didn’t quite catch on in this moment. They were just hanging out with Jesus. Sure, there were some interesting teaching moments and parts of the evening that perplexed them, but Jesus was always teaching and perplexing them. Who knew that this night was more?

My favorite part of this passage in John 13 is a small moment where John is comfortably leaning on Jesus. “There was reclining on Jesus’ bosom one of His disciples, whom Jesus loved. So Simon Peter gestured to him, and said to him, ‘Tell us who it is of whom He is speaking.’ He, leaning back thus on Jesus’ bosom, said to Him, ‘Lord, who is it?’” (John 13:23-25). While the content was not light, Jesus was speaking about who would betray Him, after all, the casual and comfortable nature of John’s interaction with Jesus has always resonated with me. They were so close that John was physically leaning on Jesus while they ate and talked. This small moment would come back to John as he retold the story of Jesus’ last days walking Earth.

What are you doing to soak in the precious little moments in life? Do you recognize how epic time spent with family and friends is? Do you make time to just sit with a friend over coffee and peel back the layers, getting to know the one you call “friend” a little more. How about your time with Jesus? Do you ever just rest your head on Jesus’ chest and appreciate the closeness, or drink in the sunset knowing that God is the author and perfecter of beautiful things?  Take time to appreciate the ordinary. You might find that those moments add up to an extraordinary life.

Have A Seat At Our Table

Let’s chat! What are your favorite “little moments”? Tells us your thoughts in the comments section below.  If you are a church member and restaurant owner and would like for us to come visit your restaurant, e-mail me here. Or, if there’s a place you’d like for us to check out before you spend your money, let us know in the comments below. We want to hear from you!



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