Sunday Lunch Blog : Pizza Party!


Pizza Party! Domino’s is doing better than you’d think. 

Nothing conjures up feelings of childhood joy like a pizza party. I can still remember waiting with much anticipation and school for the rare treat of getting pizza in the afternoon for something that the class had won/accomplished. It maybe happened three times in my elementary school career, but nevertheless, it was awesome.

1) We got a break from class. 2) Pizza is awesome, especially when you’re a kid. 3) We got to eat in class. It was a sweet relief from the boring, mundane experience of sitting at a desk for six hours out of the day. Sometimes as adults though, we still need a pizza party. Sylvia, our Broadcast Media Director decided that we definitely needed a pizza party. I think that part of this idea came from the fact that weeks ago, she saw a Domino’s commercial and couldn’t shake the pizza cravings after that. When you’re going to pursue not so healthy eating endeavors, it is best to have accomplices to assuage the guilt. Seeing as we had just undergone an intense couple of weeks with the new 1420 Sumter Student Center opening and all of the back to school, back to regular church activities promotions, Sylvia kindly decided to treat the media department (Lauren, Aaron, and me) to pizza.

Instead of just ordering some random pizzas for the whole group, Sylvia, in typical Sylvia fashion, wanted to know what pizzas make our hearts sing so we could each have a pizza that would make us feel special. Here’s an excerpt from our e-mail thread.

As you can tell, I take questions like, “What’s your dream pizza?” very seriously. More seriously than my co-workers do. While their responses were not as detailed, they did manage to get requests in. Here’s what the order came down to.

I worried that I might slip into a coma after reading that buffet list, but thought it might not be a bad way to slide into the sweet hereafter. I usually don’t write about big chain restaurants, but I’m choosing to write about this experience because I was pleasantly surprised at how much Domino’s has stepped up its game. I remember back when Domino’s pizza tasted much like sweetened tomato sauce on a round of cardboard with some cheese melted on. With more pizza chains moving in and plenty of other good local places, our “adapt or die” free market forced them to be better for our betterment. Also, our delivery guy was really nice, so that’s worth something as well. Are they the best pizza in Columbia? No. But, they’re good, fast, and convenient, and when it comes to a pizza party, those are the things that matter.

So pizza party, we did. It was nice to pause the to-do lists, if for a moment, hang out, and eat our own pizza buffet. Here are pictures of each person’s carefully curated pies.

Sylvia’s ham and mushroom on thin crust


Aaron’s chicken and a ton of vegetables swimming in Alfredo sauce


Lauren’s BBQ chicken on thin crust


April’s bacon, mushroom cheeseburger on pan crust

So, which pizza do you think would be your favorite?

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