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The Kingsman – 936 Axtell Drive, Cayce, SC 29033

As you may or may not remember from previous posts, the Music & Media Team likes to celebrate birthdays by eating together. We don’t get to go out for everyone’s birthday individually because we don’t have time for all of that, but after a few birthdays accumulate, we normally make it out to celebrate. Debbie, Sylvia, Aaron, and Lauren all had birthdays that we needed to celebrate and today, May 25, was special because it was Mr. Steve’s actual birthday.

Usually, birthday lunch means a trip to the Blue Marlin, but due to graduations happening in Columbia, they were all booked up, so we got to choose something a little different. I was meeting over with Philip to talk Mission NYC t-shirt design when I got the summons on my cell phone to come back to the Music Suite as soon as possible to help figure out where to go for birthday lunch. Once Philip and I came up with a totally awesome t-shirt, I rushed back over and burst through Mr. Steve’s office door, exclaiming, “I got here as soon as I could!”

The challenge was finding a restaurant that could accommodate nine of us during the lunch rush. I probably went through about 20-30 restaurants, leveraging the pros and cons of each and evaluating if everyone with dietary restrictions could eat at each. I had quickly mentioned the Kingsman over the phone earlier when I was first summoned. Steve came back to it and wanted to know more. I told him that they have some of the best steaks at the best prices. I had been about a month prior with a friend after working out and facing some major protein cravings. I ordered the strips and tips (grilled chicken and steak tips) and they hit the spot. That seemed to sell Mr. Steve.

The restaurant might be in a humble location, but don't let it fool you.
The restaurant might be in a humble location, but don’t let it fool you.


We sent Aaron over to the restaurant around 11:00 to reserve a table for nine so that the rest of us could get there by 11:30 in order to beat the lunch rush. The Kingsman is a bit of a hole in the wall, but don’t let that deter you. If you do, you’ll miss out.

Forgot to take a picture of my salad before I started eating. Ooops.
Forgot to take a picture of my salad before I started eating. Ooops.


I already knew that I wanted the Strips and Tips with a baked potato when I got there. Several others went along with that example.


My Strips and Tips. Epically delicious.
My Strips and Tips. Epically delicious.


Aaron ordered The King’s Throne burger. It was a large burger patty with bacon and fried jalapeños on it. Debbie ordered this beautiful salad topped with steak. For my Strips and Tips, the meat was amazingly cooked and the chicken was incredibly tender. My only complaint is that I was slighted a bit on the steak tips this time. Definitely fewer than I got last time. On the ride back to the church, Lauren was sitting in the passenger seat and opened her to-go box. She had more steak tips in her to-go box than I got on my plate. She said that they actually brought her even more steak tips for reasons that she didn’t know. So, I’m thinking that it was just a bit of an oversight. Had I complained, they probably would have brought more out, but by the time I finished, I was full, so it’s whatever. It’s fine. Really.

Aaron's King's Throne Burger
Aaron’s King’s Throne Burger


Debbie's Salad with Steak
Debbie’s beautiful salad with steak. That’s a salad that I can support.


Anyway, I think it’s safe to say that everyone enjoyed their meals and it got the Mr. Steve seal of approval. He couldn’t believe that for as long as The Kingsman has been there, that he had never been. I told him that I wouldn’t lead him astray. We topped off the celebration with a delicious chocolate cake.

The 63 on the cake represents the combined age of the Music & Media Team, by the way.
The 63 on the cake represents the combined age of the Music & Media Team, by the way.


These little breaks not only give us time to take in a good meal, but to enjoy the people with whom we work closest in a different light, with conversation dancing from topics ranging as far as baseball to debutante balls. These are the sweet moments. And if you see Steve today or in the near future, be sure to wish him a very happy birthday.

Bonus footage from my Snapchat story – Everyone eating


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