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The War Mouth – 1209 Franklin St. Columbia, SC

The War Mouth was on my list for a while. I think the fact that they had $16 Chicken Bog on their menu made me nervous to go. I make a pretty good Chicken Bog at home and get way more than a serving for that price. But I had heard good things about it this funky New Southern restaurant and my curiosity was piqued. When a few of my girl friends that I hadn’t seen in a while suggested that we all get together at The War Mouth, I was doubly in.

The menu from the night that I visited The War Mouth
The menu from the night that I visited The War Mouth


One of the cool things about this restaurant is that it is off of North Main Street and is helping to revitalize this area.  The décor is eclectic, comfortable, and Southern. The menu changes from time to time. The menu that you view on their Web site might not be the menu that you receive when you get there, but their online menu will at least give you a decent idea of your choices. They make their pickles in house and ingredients are locally sourced. You have various sizes of dishes to choose from. If you’re not that hungry, you can order a snack or an appetizer, or mix it up with several different choices. Most sides are sharable and served a la carte.

Mustard Fried Venison


The main dishes are much larger. When I ordered the BBQ rib plate for $18, I was expecting to be disappointed. I was pleasantly surprised when they brought my plate out to see that the portions were huge. The slab of ribs reminded me of Fred Flintstone’s brontosaurus ribs that always make his car fall over in the intro song of the show.  The ribs were dry rubbed with a bit of mustard (because South Carolina) sauce that contained a bit of a kick. It came with a side of hash and rice, cole slaw, pickles, and white bread. I had enough to take home for another meal, which was awesome.


Cheese Plate


I also split a cheese plate with my friend. It was the first cheese plate that I’ve had that contained Saltine crackers. I’m also still not sure as to what a few of the items were on our board, but not knowing has never stopped me from trying. I think there was some pumpkin (or squash spread, maybe?) and then some greens (perhaps collards?). The cheeses weren’t too exotic, and they were accompanied by some nuts and fruit as well.

Pork BBQ Ribs
Pork BBQ Ribs

Oh, and I tried some of my friend’s Chicken Bog. It was good. I might, might possibly consider getting it next time.

Here’s a little video with more food footage.



Are you the adventurous type? Are you willing to enter into a situation without fully knowing what’s going on? What about try a food that you can’t quite identify (like me with that cheese plate!)? Are you up for meeting new people or visiting cities or even countries where you’ve never been? Some of us like to go falling, sliding, or barreling into things, while others of us need to plan each step out and know exactly what is around the corner. Neither approach to life is right or wrong; rather it tends to be a culmination of our personalities and life experiences. If we examine ourselves, no matter which category we fall into, we can probably find parts of our lives that we struggle to control and hold tight, no matter how “loose” we may come across. If I was a betting person, I would wager that that’s why there are so many verses about faith in the Bible. It’s a simple concept that complicates everything within our human nature.

Hebrews 11:1 tells us that “faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” and Hebrews 11:3 elaborates that “by faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible.” Just from these verses, I gather that very much of having faith involves trust, which begs the question, “Where do we place our trust?” Is your trust in yourself, your stuff, your family, or your ability to succeed and control your life? Or are you placing your trust in the One who made it all? Can we trust Him even when we can’t see Him?

Just when I think that I’ve gotten this faith thing down, God shows me where I struggle to maintain control. Tight fisted, knuckles white, there are things that I struggle to give over to Him, to trust that He knows better. It’s a struggle with which we’re all familiar (if you think that it doesn’t apply to you, just wait, it will). I’m grateful for God’s patience with me in this struggle, for faith isn’t something that I earn by doing a set list of tasks. It’s not something that I can build with my hands or speak into being. It’s given by God.

It starts by hearing (Romans 10:17; Galatians 3:5) and grows with obedience and experience with God. It’s hard to trust someone with whom you spend no time. Yet trust has to start somewhere. As with our Biblical heroes listed in Hebrews 11, great faith for us begins with one foot in front of the other. For Noah, the ark didn’t happen overnight, but one board at a time, all the while people who had never seen rain ridiculed him. Moses didn’t lead the exiles out of Egypt in one day, but over the course of many discussions and dangerous showdowns with Pharaoh (who could have had Moses killed at anytime!), and then steps through seas and over deserts.

I think back to one of our more ordinary heroes, Nehemiah, who never heard an audible word from God as far as was recorded, but uttered a prayer, took a breath, and asked a favor of the king (who could have had him killed at anytime!). Then he took many steps to Jerusalem, and piece by piece rebuilt the wall of the city. Through the trials and ridicule, he didn’t waver in his faith that God had a plan for His people.

I pray that you’ll let go of whatever it is that prevents you from taking that step or speaking that word in faith, and with each step you’ll find that God is faithful to you, worthy of your trust. It’s terrifying, but worth it. Start now and by the end of this now new year, you’ll be amazed to see where God has taken you.


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