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Sunday Lunch Blog : Good Life Cafe

Sunday Lunch Blog : Good Life Cafe


*Disclaimer: First Baptist Church is not affiliated with, nor does it necessarily endorse any of the restaurants that are discussed in these posts. These are just the personal opinions of the blog writer and are meant only for information and fun.

Good Life Cafe – 1614 Main St, Columbia, SC

As I mentioned it the last SLB, a conference brought a good friend of mine from college into town. I was fortunate enough to be able to grab an early lunch with her (before going to second lunch at DaufusKEYS with Philip and Scott). Lauren wrote a postcard inviting me to BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministry) the summer before I started my freshman year at USC. We went on to live across the hall from each other in Columbia Hall and eventually in a crummy, but fun for college students, apartment with another good friend of ours. We all live in different places now, but try our best to keep up with each other.

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