The Content of the Gospel – Part 2

Lesson originally delivered on 1/28

Here are some takeaways from the lesson:

  • Romans 2:1-16
    • God’s judgment is right
      • Ezekiel 18
    • God’s impartial judgment is based on what we do
      • Free grace is not a license to freely sin
      • V. 4-11- God’s grace is given to us so we can do good
  • Romans 2:17-29
    • Paul is not condemning the church here, but rather asking them questions. Condemnation comes only if we don’t line up our actions with our beliefs.
    • God judges both Jews and Gentiles by their actions
    • All people who live by faith in Jesus are saved
  • Romans 3:1-4
    • Even though all are judged equally, it is of advantage to have grown up in the Covenant
      • Growing up in the church is an advantage, but we should take better advantage
    • Wherever we are with our walk with God, He only desires us to grow closer to him

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Rob Nicholes
Rob Nicholes