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Week of 1/14

Daniel Hess | Understanding God’s Plan for You

Karl Vaters | Stop Helping Me Fulfill My Potential

Week of 11/22

Francis Chan | God is Better 

Oswald Chambers | Where the Battle is Won or Lost

Alister McGrath | When Doubt Becomes Unbelief

Week of 11/7

Rob Nicholes | Into the Woods

Week of 10/28

Rob Nicholes | Running to the Legs of God

Week of 10/21

John Piper | Psalm 37:4 – Joy is Obedience

Dane Ortland | The Message of the Psalms

Week of 10/14

N.T. Wright | What the Church has Missed in the Crucifixion of Jesus

R.C. Sproul | How Should Christians Handle Besetting Sins?

The Power of Forgiveness

Desiring God | How to Train Your Dragons: Killing Your Pet Sins Before they Kill You

Week of 10/7

David Platt | Why People Don’t Make Disciples 

Charles Spurgeon | Sermon Excerpt, “The Law and Grace”

The Village Church | Why Doesn’t God Just Change Me?

C.S. Lewis | The Weight of Glory

Week of 10/1

The Bible Project | The Story of the Bible

George Mueller |Food for the Inner Man

The Gospel Coalition | Why is the Law Sweet Like Honey?

The Village Church | Psalm 119

Paul Washer | How Much do You Study Your Bible?

Week of 9/24

Shai Linne | The Essence of True Christianity

Jim Erwin | The Kind of Christian God Wants me to be

The Bible Project | Holiness

Week of 9/17

Dallas Willard | excerpt on Being Lost

Trip Lee | Reverence over foolishness

Week of 8/30

Jon Tyson | Your Church is only as Good as its Disciples

Rob Nicholes
Rob Nicholes