The Secret to Greatness

I love spending time with kids. An afternoon with a 5 year-old is exciting and inspiring because they truly want to be the best thing they can be. They are some of the greatest superheroes, ballerinas, and dinosaurs in the world! If you were to ask around, I think you would be hard pressed to find someone who would say,

“I just want to be a mediocre dad”, or “I want to be an average doctor”, or “I want to be an OK teacher, nothing special”. There is a desire in all of us to be great at whatever we do, so we set our minds to it and start working away to increase our greatness. Unfortunately, many make the mistake of trying to improve their own image and influence by using other people for their own gain. If we don’t seek wisdom from God, then we will see others as tools to be used in building up ourselves—making them another rung on the ladder we step on as we climb our way to greatness.


Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Not everybody can be famous but everybody can be great, because greatness is determined by service.” I love this quote because it is flavored with the truth of God’s word, namely Mark 10:45. Back when I was a student in the college ministry at First Baptist, Wes Church taught us that it is better to serve than to be served, which is a lesson that has influenced my interactions with people forever. In First Student Ministries we desire to instill this into the character of our students, and we do this by providing opportunities for them to engage in various service projects throughout the year.


Recently, we spent a Saturday working around Columbia to show the love of Christ to the community. We had groups at the Transitions Shelter, The Family Shelter, Suburban Baptist Church, and Southeast Community Church where students were involved in yard work, painting, cleaning/organizing supplies, and construction. We worked hard and accomplished a lot. One of the more important things we achieved that day was encouraging the leaders of the churches and shelters by giving them a hand… renewing their passion for what they do.


ServeColumbia2016 from FBC Social Media on Vimeo.


Service is the key to leadership and greatness. As you go about your day and interact with people, will you follow the example set by the Greatest Leader of all and strive to serve others instead of being served? There is a great group of students working to that end, and I think God would be pleased to see His church doing what He asks of us.



Scott Johnson

Middle School Minister

FBC Columbia



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