Dear Friend,

The excitement of Columbia’s revitalized downtown is ushering in an incredible era for ministry at First Baptist Church. At the same time, the increasing population and the lack of spiritual fervor in our society means that the need for a Gospel Witness may have never been greater. As we consider the opportunities in front of us, we need to take some specific steps toward the future with faith, following as He leads.

By giving $1.5 million above our regular tithes and offerings leading up to April 2021, we will be able to make the critical ministry facility improvements that we face, slash our debt by $900,000 in order to achieve better financial flexibility, and make great strides toward answering the call of the Great Commission by advancing the Gospel in both under-reached and unreached areas of our world.

I am asking every member of First Baptist Church to prayerfully consider how you can be a part of this important opportunity. Will you join Rachel and me as we support the WITH: FAITH campaign?

Our Goal: $1.5 Million in 18 Months

Ministry Facility Improvements: $450,000 (30%)

An influx of young families to our church and new opportunities to reach downtown neighbors brings about the need to upgrade our Children’s Ministry and Estep Family Life Center facilities. Both of these improvements will address security concerns and enhance the way we minister to both children and families.

• Update the Children’s Center to improve the entry area and provide new space for ministering to parents and older kids.

• Remodel the EFLC first floor to accommodate the check-in desk and create space for fitness classes

Financial Flexibility: $900,000 (60%)

Sacrificial giving and visionary action in previous years affords us incredible opportunities for ministry and outreach today. Lowering our debt of $2.3 million will provide us financial flexibility to do even more in the way of ministry and missions in the coming years.

• Reduce our current debt by almost 40%.

Great Commission Giving: $150,000 (10%)

As our church continues to answer the call to live on mission with the Gospel, we want to do even more for God’s kingdom beyond the borders of our downtown block.

• Fund new churches for an under-reached city designated by NAMB and under-reached populations in our own community.

• Fund short term mission opportunities for our congregation.

• Engage in missions to an unreached people group.

Download the Pledge Card and put it in the offering plate.

(click on the image below to download the pdf file)