When you’re out of college and working on your career, it can be challenging to find where you fit, particularly within the Church. The traditional structure of the family and the natural social structure of college are removed, yet in this formative stage of life, people need   support, social and spiritual, as much as ever. FIRST Young Professionals strives to provide that community while people figure out those big decisions in life, such as career, marriage, where to live, and where to serve as they seek their identity and belonging in Christ and His Church. Together we live, play, work, and serve the Body of Christ.

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We’re striving to grow spiritually together and our small groups are one of the ways that we do that. Every other week we get together for Home Groups where we eat dinner (potluck) together in a home and study the Bible together. On the off weeks, we get together in same-gendered discipleship groups and take the discussion deeper, sharing about what the Lord is doing in our lives and what we can be doing to grow and learn.

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