A Fall Re-Group

First College Fam,

Move in, class confusion, friend reunions, some familiarity, some new normals. Fall 2020, here we go.


There is so much going on in everyone’s life right now, do you agree? With that being said, one thing that is and can always be our constant is our personal ministry as well as our commitment to the Kingdom of God. Yes, the ways we go about being there for others, for serving them, for sharing the Gospel ebbs and flows with the times. But the mission of the Lord remains– reach HIS PEOPLE!

SO, what will you do with your Fall? In the midst of the crazy, in the midst of the unknown, how will you seek to make your faith known, how will you seek to make your Father’s Kingdom advance?

Before this semester starts, we want you to take a moment to see how your personal story with the Lord affects how you speak about Jesus becoming a part of someone else’s story. The way we view the Lord, the way we process who He is and who we are in Him greatly colors how we view His people and those around us.


We have two different forms and some additional material on Gospel Appointments that we are hoping you will take some time to work through. I personally sat down with the Lord yesterday and worked through them and found it extremely helpful to just be reminded of my Father and His provision in my life as he helped me realize all the people He has put in my path to be a witness to.


The following are what we are offering/ encouraging you to work through:

  1. My Story with Christ as Hero
  2. Personal Ministries Worksheet
  3. Gospel Appointment Videos

Each of these exercises can be completed as a stand alone or can be worked through together at one time like I did (took about 1 hr to work through it all!).


This activity is so unique and something as Christians we need to take more time to think through often. We cannot become “used to” who Jesus is to us or let our story with Christ become a normalcy in our lives. This exercise walks you through your relationship with the Lord from: Creation, Separation, Redemption, to Restoration. SUCH wonderful questions that get your head and heart back to a place of wonder at how much the Lord continues to do in our lives.

It is SO important to know how Christ is the hero in your own story so that when you are thinking about your personal ministry to others you know that you are not the main character, God is!



Have you thought about your personal ministry lately? Have you asked the Lord to reveal how you can be an active member in His Kingdom, a chosen instrument in order to bring the gospel to someone in word and deed?

We’ve all had some time “off” or time in which we have been unsure what our next steps in ministry look like. Now is the time to reset, hit that start button and be present in the conversation of the living Church, being a part of God’s one plan to reach the lost.

Take some time to pray over the following areas you discussed in the above form after filling it out:

God’s Vision

Your Personal Ministry Pool

Your Family Group as Your Team

We must, Pray Like Crazy

How to Pursue Relationships

Preach the Gospel Boldly and Broadly

You must Prove your Love for them

& Finally, Counting the Cost of Following God

Once completed, also take the time to reach out to a ministry co-laborer and pray over the names of people you have written down. Pray through areas you can improve when it comes to your willingness to be used by the Lord!


Here is a link to a PDF for the same information if this is easier for you to follow than having to scroll on the above webpage linked: Gospel Conversations PDF

All of the information is SO helpful and you could spend such good time with the Lord as you process through it all and challenge your thinking on how to approach sharing the gospel, but in order to simplify it for you, we have gone on and recommended a couple things to start with.

**We highly recommend watching the following videos from the PDF/website on How to Do Gospel Appointments and what exactly they are to begin with:



Take notes, write out questions you may have, text a fellow Family Group member some of your thoughts on what the Worcester brothers have to say in regards to Gospel Appointments!

We are praying for you and know that you have great work to do for God’s Kingdom if you so choose to!

Rob Nicholes
Rob Nicholes