Bible Reading Plans

It’s so important to have a plan for the regular intake of God’s Word in order to mature in your love for God and others and grow in Christlikeness. I want to challenge you to (1) Find Time to read the Scriptures everyday, (2) Find a Plan for reading the Bible, and (3) Find one idea or one thought from your daily reading to meditate on or apply to your life.

There are two Bible reading plans that you can download here. One is a five-day reading plan that will take you through the whole Bible in one year — or you could just do the New Testament reading and read through the New Testament in one year. It does give you two days each week where you can read something different, re-read something you already read, or catch up if you didn’t get to complete a reading from one day.  The second plan is a Chronological plan that will take you through the Bible in one year.

If you want a hard copy of the reading plans, they are available in Higher Grounds Books & Beans. If you want a digital plan, I recommend the YouVersion app for your smartphone or tablet that has a large number of reading plans to choose from. Rachel and I are using the YouVersion app this year and following the CCV: the Bible in ONE Year plan.

God bless you as you “run with endurance the race that is before you” in 2020!


Pastor Wes

Download the Five-Day Reading Plan Here

Download the Chronological Reading Plan Here

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