35th Annual Carolina Celebration of Liberty

** Special Announcement **

The 35th Annual Carolina Celebration of Liberty aired on television across South Carolina and neighboring states via our partner stations on July 2nd through 5th. We are aware of audio lapses in the presentation particularly on the SCETV broadcast, including the muted prayer by Pastor Wes for our deployed soldiers and their families. Many of the audio glitches were due to severe weather-related problems in downtown Columbia but the obvious error with the silent prayer was a technical problem. The muted prayer was not intentional censorship but was a technical audio glitch in the digital file. We have fielded many phone calls and emails from concerned viewers across the state, so we want to be clear that SCETV did not intentionally censor the program.

We are blessed to have a 35-year partnership with SCETV and are so appreciative of their staff and the giving of their time and talents to make the airing of Celebration of Liberty available for viewing statewide. SCETV and First Baptist are working together to do everything possible to make sure that we don’t experience technical problems in the future.

SCETV will air the 35th Annual Carolina Celebration of Liberty with full and complete audio on ETVWorld on Wednesday, July 6 at 2:00 pm. Call SCETV toll-free at 1.800.922.5437 between 8:30am – 5:00pm for more information.

You may also want to experience the beautiful, God-honoring patriotic program in its entirety by viewing the 35th Carolina Celebration of Liberty below.

35th Annual Carolina Celebration of Liberty Broadcast Schedule

July 4 – 7:00 PM: SCETV Statewide

July 2
12:00 PM: WMBF News (Myrtle Beach)

July 3
12:00 PM: CW Savannah
12:00 PM: CW Augusta
5:30 PM: WTAT Fox 24 (Charleston)

July 4
5:00 PM: WLTX (Columbia)
7:00 PM: SCETV (Statewide)
8:00 PM: South Carolina Channel (Statewide)
8:00 PM: WGGS (Greenville)

July 5
12:30 AM: SCETV (Statewide)
8:00 AM: WGGS (Greenville)

July 6
2:00 PM: ETVW (National)

The 35th Carolina Celebration of Liberty

The Carolina Celebration of Liberty is the longest running event of its kind in our state. With the Sanctuary Choir and Orchestra from First Baptist, the 246th Army Band of The South Carolina National Guard, and a cast of all ages you will thrill at the sights and sounds of America as we celebrate our freedom as Americans and our freedom in Christ. From the founding of this land until now many have paid the price to preserve and protect our liberty.

So, we come together in freedom to honor God and thank Him for this free land that has been a beacon of freedom and liberty around the world.

A key part of each celebration is the honoring of our veterans as well as those presently serving.

Our veterans’ organizations are always very special guests, and they are well represented by their commanders and other officers.

We have had many distinguished special honorees and some of them include Medal of Honor recipients Colonel Charles Murray, Major General James Livingston, and Sergeant John Baker.

It was Governor Carroll Campbell’s official kick off for the welcome home week for Desert Storm. It has also been heralded and backed by Mayor Bob Coble for many years. In 2003 it moved to Williams Brice stadium under the name AMERICA 2003 as it was the official state celebration. Special guests have included virtually every commanding general from Fort Jackson during these 34 years as well as officials from Shaw Air Force Base and our own state guard. Other special guests and supporters have included Congressman Floyd Spence, Congressman Joe Wilson, Governor Henry McMaster, Governor Carroll Campbell, Governor Jim Hodges, Senator Strom Thurmond, Senator Tim Scott, Senator Lindsey Graham, Attorney General Alan Wilson and many other state and local elected officials.

WLTX News anchor JR Berry will be the Master of Ceremonies!

Don’t miss South Carolina’s premiere patriotic event, The 35th annual Carolina Celebration of Liberty!


The 3:00 production is now full, so please reserve tickets for the 6:30 production.

Sunday, June 26
3:00 PM – FULL
6:30 PM

Doors open 45 minutes prior to each presentation.

Tickets are available now.

Tickets are free, but you need a ticket to enter.

For more information, call the Ticket Office at 803-217-3250.

**For security reasons, backpacks are prohibited from being brought into the program.