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Sundays @ 5:15 pm

Sunday evenings provide adults with opportunities for getting deeper in scripture, discipleship and building long-lasting relationships. Getting plugged into a Discipleship Now class is the key to gaining insight about God’s word and growing in faith. There are plenty of unique classes and studies to choose from. Check out our classes listed below.


Immerse Bible Experience:Prophets

Leader: Dr. Skip Cartin

Room: L301

Length:  10 weeks


Come be a part of the Immerse Bible Experience: Prophets. Prophets presents the First Testament prophets in groupings that generally represent four historical periods: the prophets who spoke before the fall of Israel’s northern kingdom (Amos, Hosea, Micah, Isaiah), before the fall of the southern kingdom (Zephaniah, Nahum, Habakkuk), around the time of Jerusalem’s destruction (Jeremiah, Obadiah, Ezekiel), and after the return from exile (Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, Joel, Jonah).


Fearless Mom

Leader: Katherine Parrish & McKenna Carter

Room: L314

Length:  8 weeks


Fearless Mom provides a GUILT-FREE, SHAME-FREE, JUDGMENT-FREE environment, where each mom is encouraged and equipped to be the mom God created her to be. Fearless Mom encourages every mom to EMBRACE THE RESPONSIBILITY of motherhood, focusing on what SHE can do to be the mom God created her to be. Fearless Mom equips every mom with PRACTICAL TOOLS for everyday parenting, no matter where she is in her mom journey. Fearless Mom empowers ALL moms by following the Biblical instruction written to women in Titus 2, where experienced moms provide support and guidance to younger moms.


Trembling Yet Trusting

Leader: Wendy Knox


Length: 10 weeks


A study of Biblical valleys to aid us in our journey through this life’s valleys.
January 5 – Trembling yet Trusting (Habakkuk 1-3)
January 12- Valley of Eschcol (Numbers 13, Deuteronomy 1)
January 26-Valley of Achor (Joshua 7, Hosea 2)
February 2-Valley of Elah (1 Samuel 17)
February 9-Valley of Beracah (2 Chronicles 20)
February 16- Valley of the Shadow of Death (Psalm 23)
February 23- Valley of Dry Bones (Ezekiel 37)
March 1- Valley of Jehoshaphat/Valley of Jezreel (Joel 3, selected passages
March 8- Valley of the Son of Hinnom Joshua 15, NT passages)
March 15- Conclusion


The Book of Hosea

Leader: Rev. Harold Weaver


Length: 14 weeks


The book of Hosea is included in a group of prophetic books of Scripture known as the “minor prophets.” However, this title only refers to its length, not its significance. Theologians state that book is significant in that its message relates as much to our world today as it did when Hosea wrote it.


Jonah! A Word From God in Four Acts

Leader: Dr. John Morris


Length: 10 weeks


An intriguing, conversational look at the Biblical story of Jonah. Presented as a four-act play with snarky footnotes that some say are the best part of the book, the story unfolds with a narrative illustration that remains faithful to the Biblical text. With thought-provoking summaries and example sermons, you will find this book as instructive as it is entertaining. Browse the introduction and you may agree that you have never thought about Jonah in that way before and will always think of it in that way in the future.


Real Life Discipleship

Leader: Rev. Rob Nicholes


Length: 12 weeks


Spiritual Parenting – Discipleship Training to equip you to walk with people as they learn how to follow Christ in each area of their lives. For experienced disciplers or for those who want to start. Books are $15


First Family Beginner Sign Language

Leader: Jill Dupree

Room: L215

Length:  13 weeks


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Beginner Sign Language

Leader: Olive Henry


Length: 13 weeks


(This registration is closed) Inquire with Jill at with any questions.