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Young Pros

January 23 – April 23

Spring Family Groups

For us to learn to walk faithfully with Jesus, it is helpful to be in accountable spiritual relationships with others who are seeking to walk faithfully with Jesus. We are all learning to follow Christ in every aspect of life – we should have others to help.

Family Groups are one of the primary ways we seek to foster this. Family groups are co-ed groups of 10 to 20 people that meet every other week on Tuesday nights in host homes. As part of a family group meeting you will prepare and share a meal together, with each person contributing food and helping to cook.

Each family group has a way they do small groups. Some meet on the off Tuesday Night from Family Groups and others meet during the week. A person new to family groups will be encouraged to come to the single-gender small group whenever they meet. The small groups meet regularly for ministry and personal accountability, time in the word and prayer.

Meeting together consistently and embracing vulnerability allows us to develop healthy rhythms to be cared for and supported as we experience victory and face challenges while seeking to be obedient to God and His word.

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Rob Nicholes