Reaching kids with the Gospel

The Good News Clubs is an after school program designed to make learning about the bible fun! The Club helps provide a safe and loving environment for children of all backgrounds and gives an opportunity for those that don’t go to church to learn about Jesus and the bible.

Children who have received parental permission come to the club after school is dismissed and separate into different rooms based on grade level. They are split again into smaller groups whereby they grab a snack and begin going over bible verses with their small group leaders. Sometimes they may sing a song or listen to a story but the goal is to learn about the bible. When small group time is up all groups converge in the gym for some worship, stories, and bible lesson.

Meeting Places: Meadowfield & Brennen Elementary Schools

Day:  Every Thursday beginning 2/6 – 3/12

Time:  2:30 – 3:35 PM

For more information please contact Carol Elliot at or call (803) 772-2452, (803) 397-0132

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