Let’s Be REAL

God wants to use us as leaders to accomplish His purposes. From the beginning of our existence the enemy has attempted to thwart God’s plans by sabotaging our relationship with Him. God understands the challenges we face as men and He gives us tools to combat the enemy. It is vital that we as REAL Christian men disciple, walk and pray with each other to ensure that we live and exemplify what it means to be a Godly man. It’s time to be REAL.

Interested in connecting with REAL?

The best way to get started in REAL is to come to one of our gatherings on campus. Throughout the year all men involved in REAL will come together for a time of fellowship. It’s a celebration of worship, prayer and a message from a guest speaker. These gatherings are meant to encourage, equip and motivate the men of REAL to continue the work of daily discipleship.


After you come to a gathering you may want to take the next step with REAL and join a CREW. A crew is simply a small group of men that meet during the week and go through a study together in the word or in other biblical curriculum. Crews are the foundation of REAL and the best way for men to grow in their walk with the Lord.

We hope you’ll join the community of REAL and begin the journey of discipleship

The Mission

The passion of our heart is to help men to begin a dynamic relationship with Christ, grow in Christ, and be vitally connected to First Baptist Church Columbia or a healthy local church so that they may serve Him. It is also our deep desire to help men develop ministries of outreach in their own marketplace as well as develop or repair relationships men have within their family and beyond.

Your Crew

Our CREWs meet generally every two weeks and consist of men of all ages and backgrounds. The only agenda is to encourage each other to meet the pressing demands of personal, family and business lives using God’s principles of maximum manhood from the bible. Our time together is focused, fun, practical and informative, designed to help you connect with God and each other.