In the post pandemic world, leaders who are waiting for people to come to them will realize it’s much smarter to go to people instead.
~Carey Nieuwhof, Pastor and noted leadership expert

*Hosts and Volunteers older than 17 will need to complete a background screening prior to participating. We will reach out to you with information to complete it when you register. If you have already been screened in order to lead in FirstKids children’s ministry, we will merely verify that it is current.

What is VBSGO! ?

It’s VBS at your house! In your backyard, your front yard, a common area in your neighborhood. The daily 2 hour program will be run by hosts and volunteer leaders.

When is this?
We are focusing our collective effort the week of July 19-23, but we will work with hosts who would prefer another week. Also, because it’s “your” VBS, you can host in the morning, afternoon, or evening!

Why a backyard VBS?
We want – to empower the church to reach kids where they are with the gospel of Christ.
  – to empower the church to create a deeper connection with their neighbors,
  – to raise awareness of our church in the community.
How long is the week/each day?
Hosts will be supplied with 4 days of activities. We encourage hosts to run at least 3 of the days for about 2 hours each day. This will help account for weather or other schedule irregularities.
What age is VBSGO! designed for?
VBSGO! Is designed with a kindergarten to 5th grade child in mind. But with parental oversight, four and five year olds can participate.
What does a host do?
At the very minimum, a host will 1) Invite and market the week. 2) Provide space to play and gather with kids. 3)  Make water and bathroom facilities available. 4) Be present and support the volunteer team they have been partnered with.
Hosts can go above and beyond these minimum expectations by being creative! The possibilities are limited only by your comfort and generosity. Some thoughtful extras a host might provide are snacks – lemonade or sodas – lunch/dinner for your kids – perhaps hosting the families of the children for a backyard picnic at the end of the week.
I can’t host. Can I still volunteer?
YES! We need folks who can teach/read a bible story, lead a small group discussion, lead and play games, or do sciency/crafty stuff. You will be paired with a host family.

I can’t host. Can my kids still attend?

SURE! Keep in mind that our goal is to connect with our neighbors. Therefore, we request that you partner with a host family in your area to help them reach kids in their neighborhood. In order to help these guests feel at ease, we would prefer to scatter our membership into the community rather than have many FirstKids families cluster at one location.

Can my older kids help?
We welcome the help! VBSGO! is designed for Kindergarten to 5th grade. Kids older than 5th grade will be asked to do work in support of lead volunteers and the host. This might include set up and cleanup following any activity and helping younger kids throughout the day.
Who should I invite?
Kids in your neighborhood! We’ll provide simple and informative invitations/flyers to give to families on your block as well as a yard sign to display.

My backyard is kind of a mess. Can I host somewhere else?
Use your front yard! Show the neighborhood what you’re doing! If your neighborhood has a common public space large enough to accommodate 5-15 kids plus adults, check with your HOA to see if you can use it!
As a host or volunteer, do I need to supply all the materials needed for crafts, games, or small group?
The host will be provided all materials necessary to accommodate their location and expected attendance. Hosts and Volunteers will receive training for the different elements of the day.

What will kids be doing? (Daily schedule)
A suggested plan for 90 mins to 2 hours of VBSGO! looks like this.
–   Welcome and fun
–   opening game

bible story
Small group discussion / memory verse activity
Prayer time
Craft/hands on activity
Wrap up and review the day
Snack time can fit anywhere that feels right