Live Streaming at 6 pm on Wednesdays

During this unusual time of isolation and quarantine trusting in the Lord becomes a necessary part of weathering the storm. In addition to this we think prayer and community are also important for your emotional and spiritual health. After all, scripture tells us to gather with other believers and to pray in the name of Jesus. Thankfully, access to the internet combined with live streaming technologies means we can gather together in mass despite being miles apart. That’s exactly what we plan to do with you each Wednesdays thanks our LIVE streaming capabilities. Rev. Richard Humphries will lead us through a prayer guide and you’ll be able to call in or email your prayer requests directly. We want to minister to you during this time of uncertainty. What we do know for certain is that we serve a mighty God. Let’s go to Him together in prayer.

If you are experiencing problems accessing the stream please go to our Facebook page to watch. Click Here

Use the buttons below to download the prayer guide or submit a prayer request through email.

Please call 803-343-8562 with your prayer needs.