Watch us LIVE on Television

Sundays – 11 am


WLTX Channel 19

Serving the Midlands of Columbia

Sundays – 10 am


WTAT – Channel 24

Serving the Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester County communities

Sundays – 11 am

CW Augusta

CW Augusta

Comcast – Channel 23
Knology – Channel 12
Aiken – Channel 9
Serving South Carolina Counties:
McCormick, Edgefield, Aiken, Barnwell, Allendale & Bamberg
Serving Georgia Counties:
Lincoln, Columbia, Richmond, Burke, Jenkins, Emanuel, Jefferson, Glascock, Warren, Taliaferro, Wilkes & McDuffie

Sundays – 11 am

WSAV 3.2

WSAV is the NBC affiliate covering the Savannah, Hilton Head, Beaufort, Bluffton, Richmond Hill, and Statesboro areas.

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Sundays – 10 am


WMBF News 10 – Channel 10

Serving the Myrtle Beach, Grand Strand and Florence communities

Sundays – 1 pm


WGGS – Channel 16

Serving South Carolina’s Upstate, Southwestern North Carolina and Toccoa, and Georgia communities

In 1955, not one person in Columbia, SC could watch a worship service by television, that is, until First Baptist Church began broadcasting their live worship service in September of that year.  Today,  because of the vision of First Baptist Church, we now reach more than 75,000 viewers each week. Jesus calls each of us to be His witnesses throughout the world.  For over 59 years, First Baptist has witnessed to “Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria” by broadcasting, first in Columbia, then Myrtle Beach/Florence and the Greenville areas.  In 2006, the television ministry was expanded to the Charleston, SC broadcast market.  Then in 2007, advances in technology allowed First Baptist to begin broadcasting our live worship services over the internet – “to the ends of the earth.”  In early 2010, we added the Augusta, GA and Savannah, GA market areas. These are exciting times!  We are part of a team sharing the love of Jesus Christ to people all over the world.

Along with broadcasting our worship service on television, we have expanded our reach through the internet and social media.  Each week our service is streamed live on the web!  Our new and social media department is busy developing new ways that our church can utilize online resources to reach the world with the message of Christ.

Services on DVD

DVDs of the Sunday Morning Worship Service are available for purchase.
DVD – $15.00 (plus $3.00 s/h)

Make checks payable to First Baptist Church and mail to:
First Baptist Church
Att. Media Ministry
P.O. Box 1000
Columbia, SC 29202

Please include the air date of the Service you are requesting. If you have any questions please contact the Media Ministry at 803.343.8558

See How YOU Can Get Involved!

Prayer Line

Encourager – Every Sunday our Prayer Line Encouragers are overwhelmingly blessed by our television viewers who “go to church” with us via television and then call our Prayer Line to talk and pray with a Prayer Line Encourager. The testimonies are heart-touching…the blessings are great. The number of phone calls has increased dramatically. As a result, we need more Prayer Line Encouragers to add to our present number. Pray about being a part of this ministry to our television viewers. No experience necessary. Just a heart for serving one Sunday (or more) per month. Questions? Contact 343.8558 or by e-mail.


Closed Captioning

Closed Captioning – This ministry is required by the FCC in order to broadcast our services regionally.  We have installed state of the art voice-recognition software and began captioning our broadcast services in early 2007.  The software allows a captioner to listen to the musicians/speakers and to repeat the words into a microphone, which is then translated into the closed caption bar along the bottom of your television screen.  We normally have two people stationed at the equipment – one to do the captioning and one to assist.  This position requires someone who is an excellent listener and requires your undivided attention for the entire worship hour.  Attention to detail is important.  If you are willing to learn, we can use your assistance one or two Sundays a month.

If interested in serving in the Closed Captioning Ministry, send us an e-mail!


Duplication and Distribution (DDS)

Archiving – We are currently in the process of planning an archive of all First Baptist videos to date. We are also in the process of transferring all of our analog recordings to a longer lasting digital medium.  Either one of these tasks can be done at your leisure.

Mastering – In order to provide all of the content available immediately following each service, someone must master the sermons live. This requires a bit of technical skill which would be taught by our media staff.

If Interested in serving in the DDS Ministry send us an e-mail!



Live Worship Support – With simultaneous events happening across the entire building on a Sunday, a Wednesday or a Saturday wedding or a seminar, there is a place for anyone with an ear for quality and a heart for ministry. Sunday morning worship requires a total of four audio board operators…two for broadcast and two for Front of House.  If you think you’ve got the “Golden Ear” let us know and we would love to get you plugged in.

Podcasting – One of our newest advances in the Media Ministry, we now offer sermon audio from the pastor’s message.  Through our Podcasting service, listeners may listen online, download, or subscribe to the podcast service, allowing people to take the message with them.  The Podcast process is relatively simple.

Audio Editing – From archiving old sermons, to preparing sermons for podcasting, there is always plenty of editing to be done.  We use Pro-Tools editing software.

If Interested in serving in the audio ministry send us an e-mail!


Stage Management

Stage Managers – Responsible for the platform before, during, and after special performances, the stage manager has a key role.  During performances, the stage manager is the key link in communication from the platform to the tech team. Before and after each performance, the stage manager manages the set-up of the platform before and during the show,  and the strike at the end.

Stage Hands – Assist in the set up of the stage, placing mics on speakers, singers or performers, and also perform lesser stage management roles during special performances.

If interested in serving in the Stage Management Ministry, send us an e-mail!


Information Technology

Proof Reading – If you are a great proof-reader, we need assistance in proofing our songs, Bible verses, web pages, FOH graphics and print media.  We can always use fresh pairs of eyes to minimize our typing mistakes.

If Interested in serving in the Information Technology Ministry send us an e-mail!


Systems Maintenance – With all of the technology in the building, someone has to keep it all running. Whether testing a new DVD player, installing a new tape deck, making new cables or even soldering or crimping cables there is a place for you.

Systems Integration – As we expand our horizons we are looking for able bodied people to help implement new systems.

If Interested in serving in the Engineering Ministry send us an e-mail!


Camera Operators – We are experiencing a shortage of qualified camera operators for the Sunday morning Worship Service.  If you think you have an eye for good video, please let us give you an opportunity to show your stuff.  Training is provided and we would only ask that you commit to two services each month.  Over the past decade, several of our weekly volunteers have moved on to professional careers in the Broadcast industry!

Graphics Operators – If standing is not for you, but you would still like to be involved with Worship Media Team, there are 2 Graphics Operator positions during the Sunday Morning service.  We use ProPresenter software to support songs and scripture.   We also use a broadcast-quality Character Generator and a Mac Pro to support the pastor’s outline and for more advanced graphics. From entry level to a professional level, we would love to have you.

Producers – For anyone who can read music and follow a timeline, opportunities abound to take on a 11px part of the big picture.  Let us know if you would be interested in an occasional producing assignment.

Technical Directors – If you like to push buttons…this is the job for you!  Seriously, the TD is one of the most technically demanding jobs on Sunday morning and we require two TD’s for each Sunday worship service…one for broadcast and one for house screens.  It takes a significant amount of training to be an accomplished TD but if you are interested, we have several experienced volunteers that would be very willing to train you.

Video Editors – If you are an experienced video editor or are willing to learn, we would love to hear from you.  We currently edit on several Mac Pro computers using Final Cut Pro and Motion software.

Video Engineering – Every production that requires cameras, whether one or six cameras are used, requires a video engineer who adjusts the cameras’ iris (shading.)  This is a very important part of our media ministry in order to keep the video from appearing too dark or too light.  If you have any engineering experience or if you have a technical mind and would like to learn, we would love to have you on our team.

If Interested in serving in the Video Ministry send us an e-mail!

Production Lighting

Operators – Each Sunday’s service requires a lighting board operator.  Sunday morning operators usually arrive about an hour before the service and work during the one-hour service, but rotate Sundays on and off.  We also require spot light operators for our special events held throughout the year, especially at our Celebration of Liberty and our Christmas Pageant events.  If you have lighting experience and would be interested, let us know.

Grips – Learning to hang, focus, and relamp lights is the entry level for production lighting.  If you don’t have any prior lighting experience but are interested in learning, this is where you would begin.

If Interested in serving in the Lighting Ministry send us an e-mail!