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Senior Adults

To magnify Jesus and the message of salvation in our senior adult years.

We have a wonderful ministry to those who have so much wisdom and life experience. Our mission is to help senior adults connect with one another and to find a place to serve the Lord Jesus. We hope that you can join us on one of our trips or First Senior fellowships at church. We hope you’ll get connected with our community as well as continue to grow in your faith.

Upcoming Events

Senior Adult

August 9

Game Night

Bingo, Corn hole, board games, pickleball, BBQ dinner and more!

Senior Adult

October 12, 12 PM show

Narroway Dinner Theater

The Gospel According To Tennessee

Save the Dates 2024

May 17 ‐ Day Trip to Aiken, SC
August 9 ‐ Game Night
August 18 ‐ Churchwide Night of Prayer
September 17 ‐ Lunch and A Movie
October 12 ‐ NarroWay Dinner Theater

Ministry Leads

Pastoral Care and Senior Adult Minister
Rev. Richard Humphries

Administrative Assistant for Pastoral Care and Senior Adult Ministry
Natalie Amick

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