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First Student Ministry


Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers meet Sunday mornings in the First Baptist Student Center, located on the first floor of the Estep Family Life Center (EFLC). Students are encouraged to come at 9:00 for donuts and hang out time. The program begins at 9:15. After a time of worship, reflection, and prayer, Middle Schoolers go to the YMCA for a time of teaching and discussion while the High Schoolers stay in the EFLC. Students are encouraged to bring a Bible and take notes, however if you do not own a Bible, please contact us and we will be glad to get one in your hands.


Choirs: 4:45 – 5:30

Middle School Choir meets on the 3rd Floor Sanctuary and is led by Associate Minister of Music, Keith Watson.

High School Choir meets in the Choir Room and is led by Minister of Music, Steve Phillips

Small Groups: 5:30 – 7:00

Small groups are a great way for students to come together and fellowship with each other and experience deeper discipleship and teaching from our amazing small group leaders. All groups are divided by grade and gender.


HALFTIME – 6:00 – 8:00

HALFTIME on Wednesday nights during the school year (in the Estep Family Life Center) is a great time for our students to take a break from the chaos of the week, hang out with each other, and grow closer in their relationships with Christ. Between 6:00 and 6:20, you can grab something to eat from Hoolios Café for a minimal cost, and we spend the rest of the time discussing various topical lessons on anything and everything.



Question 1: I don't want to miss anything you have going on. What is the best way to stay informed?

Answer:  Communication is a key need; for you, and for us.  We strive to offer available and advance information concerning Student Ministries and Student Ministries’ events.  We work hard to ensure that you have quick access to the most current and important information through a variety of means.  The following are our most common means of communication:

e-Letter – A weekly e-mail update for parents and students highlighting the most current information for the upcoming week.  To ensure that you receive your “e-Letter”, please keep us informed of your most recent e-mail  address.  Click here to send it to us.

Text Messages – We send out text messages with any important or urgent announcements.  To sign up, please email us.

Facebook –  FSM posts events and updates on two parent group Facebook pages – Middle School parents and High School parents.  If you are not currently a group member and would like to become a group member, please email us. 

Twitter – Follow us on Twitter @FirstSMColumbia.

Mail-outs – The Student Ministries office will do Mail-outs before all major trips or events.  Students receive all retreat and camp packets in the mail. 

Website –  You are here!  Take some time to look around, and let us know of any questions you may have.

Question 2: Is my child safe at your programs and events?

Answer: Your child’s emotional and physical safety is our highest priority.  We know that if a student does not feel safe, then our great programming is in vain and our messages will never be heard.  To provide a safe physical environment, we utilize both uniformed security, as well as undercover armed security, and trained volunteer staff.  Access points to our student center are limited and students are required to sign in at the manned Welcome Desk upon entering our facility.  The Student Center is fully equipped with digital video surveillance cameras which monitor and record all activity in and around the building.

FSM Safety and Security Practices booklets are available for all parents, which also include FSM’s Emergency Action Plan procedures and Discipline Policy.

Question 3: What kinds of fundraising events do you do?


We try hard to offer excellent retreat and camp experiences at the most affordable price possible.  However, we realize that if a student wants to go on multiple trips, it can quickly become pricy.  Instead of doing dozens of small fund-raisers throughout the year, we focus all of our fundraising efforts on one BIG fundraising event each spring. 

Each student has the opportunity  to raise all of their trip funding through the FBC Camp Classic Golf Tournament, held each April.  Students raise funds by selling sponsorships for the Camp Classic.  For each sponsorship a student sells, the student gets a portion of the proceeds to pay for their trips.

The key to selling sponsorships is to start early!  Go ahead and line up potential sponsors now for next year’s Camp Classic.

Question 4: What can I do to support First Student Ministries?


1)   Tithe faithfully to First Baptist Church.  (Most Student Ministries events are funded through church budget.  When people fail to tithe, resources are cut!)

2)   Pray for the ministry! (Pray for growth in numbers, depth, and leadership.)

3)   Make a financial contribution to Student Ministries. (After tithing.)

4)   Write an encouragement letter to a small group leader.

5)   Host an event at your house.

6)   Talk up FIRST Student Ministries in the community.

7)   Help sponsor a student to summer camp.

8)   Help promote FIRST Student Ministries events in the community.

9)   Host a leader appreciation dinner at your house.

10) Volunteer to chaperone an event.

11) Encourage other adults to get involved with Student Ministries.

12) Support the Camp Classic Golf Tournament.  (This is a benefit golf tournament held in the spring.  Proceeds benefit Student and Children’s Ministries.)  Click here for more details.

13) Inquire about leading a student small group.

14) Call a small group leader and ask how you can specifically pray for them.

15) Stay informed and connected!  This will enable you to be a huge cheerleader for us!

If you have questions  or would like to discuss anything listed above, please call the Student Ministries’ office at 803-343-8545.

Question 5: Is scholarship money available for your camps and retreats?

Answer:  Scholarship funds are available for select Student Ministries’ trips.  Students can apply for Quarter or Half scholarships.  To be considered for a scholarship, a student must complete a confidential scholarship application and return it to the Student Ministries office by the camp registration deadline.  Applicants are responsible for paying for the trip deposit, and also any late registration fees for not signing up on time.

The Student Ministries Office will respond quickly to all applications that are submitted.  Scholarships are given out based on availability and need. 



A high value of Student Ministries is to develop student leaders.  Our student leaders are called “Student Leaders.” Being a part of our Student Leadership program is an opportunity for students to grow as leaders, to take ownership of the ministry, to be an example / mentor to younger students, and to receive the resources and support they need to make a difference on their school campus.  Student Leaders meet every other month for a time of training, accountability, planning, and encouragement.

Students who successfully meet the Student Leadership requirements are eligible to attend Student Leadership University.


It is our desire to meet the needs of all students and families. Our Special Needs ministry exists to meet the spiritual, physical, and social needs of students with disabilities or unique learning styles. We believe that all students are wonderfully made by God for His glory and are an invaluable part of the body of Christ. We believe that all families deserve an equal opportunity to worship, learn, participate, and serve in our church, regardless of their abilities or learning style.

The Student Ministries’ staff, along with a core group of qualified teachers and peer “teammates”, actively seeks to provide opportunities for students with disabilities to participate in church and Student Ministries’ events at large, while also having classes and events that target their specific needs.

If you have a student with special needs, we would love to meet them! For more information, please fill out this form below.

Special Needs Request Form


6th grade retreat is something we do every year to give students a chance to hang out and get to know their small group leaders. It is a great jump-start to your first year in student ministries. We’ll spend the day on the lake swimming, kayaking, boating, and tubing. In the evening we’ll have a devotion and more games.

August 26-27. We will meet at church at 12:30 (eat lunch before you come), and we’ll return for Sunday school the next day.

The Dennises’ house on Lake Murray

How much?
$30 (includes dinner, breakfast, and activities)

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Middle School Camp – June 5 – 9

High School Camp – June 12 – 16